March 8

Q&A Vol. 8

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I’ll be graduating with my master’s this spring (yay!), and while it’s a bit early, I was wondering if you have any dress or shoe recommendations for graduation day. – Chelsea A.

Congratulations–what an exciting accomplishment! My top pick for graduations is our new Liliana dress. It’s lightweight and white, so it will keep you as cool as possible if your ceremony is outside and you’re wearing a graduation gown (which I remember can feel so stuffy on a warm day). Best of all, after the ceremony, you can trade your gown for the coordinating Liliana jacket, creating a beautiful and polished look for a celebratory dinner! A few other GMGC dresses to consider that would make lovely options for graduation are Maxandra, Kaitlin, Alison in Bone, and Lola (which also has a matching jacket).

Elegant wedges are my favorite graduation shoe option–they make it easy to walk on grass during the ceremony if needed and are a comfortable choice for a long day on your feet. For special occasions, the Alexandre Birman Clarita wedges, which comes in a handful of colors, are my go-to style. This ivory pair has a similar look at a lower price point. I also love these scalloped wedges, this cork pair, and these knotted demi-wedges.


How do you keep your Castaner wedges clean? – Jawaher A.

Since my Castaner espadrilles are so comfortable and easy to dress up or down, I wear them multiple times a week during the spring and summer. To keep them looking their best, I dab any dirty spots that appear on the canvas with a damp cloth as soon as I notice them. The jute soles should never get wet, so I’m careful to steer clear of puddles when I’m out and about, and I opt for other shoes altogether on rainy days. You can check out a few ways I’ve styled them in the past, here, here, here, here and here


I am attending a wedding in May where I will be part of the wedding, but not a bridesmaid. Do you have suggestions on a dress I should wear? – Marcy S.

First things first, check with the bride about her preferences. If she insists you can wear anything you would like, find out what color her bridesmaids and family members will be wearing, as well as the overall wedding color palette, so you can choose a complementary (but different) shade. A print that includes one or two of the wedding colors can be a winning choice, but classic, solid-colored dresses with special details are beautiful options as well. A few occasion-ready Gal Meets Glam Collection dresses to consider are Julia, Josephine, Yvonne, Shannon, and Jane. After you’ve selected a few of your favorite options, don’t hesitate to run them by the bride for her thoughts!

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