March 28

Our Screened In Porch During Spring

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Last weekend I made it my project to bring some life into our screened in porch. This is the ideal time of year to be using it- the weather is beautiful and as the bugs begin to come out, we’re protected just enough to not be bothered. Last year, our designer, Olivia, found this wicker furniture set at Pier1 (I don’t think this particular set is still available, but this one is similar), that ended up fitting perfectly. Our porch isn’t the largest space, and a lot of outdoor furniture can be quite oversized and wide. This set allowed us to still have enough seating area without being right up against the fireplace. She found the coffee and side tables at Ballard Design. Thomas and I purchased the antique green bench at Petersham Nurseries when we were in London last summer and even though it cost an arm and a leg to get it here, we really love it. Overall, the space didn’t need much and with some additional planters, pots and new fresh plants, it came together like a spring dream.

We went to a local nursery and picked up two fiddle leaf fig trees, some hydrangeas and annuals to add around the porch. It’s amazing what some plants will do to a space! It’s already made us go out there for multiple dinners, as well as keep the doors leading out into the porch open on the weekends to let the breeze in. My mood is really affected by the space I’m surrounded in, and now that our screened in porch feels cheerful and inviting, I want to spend so much more time in it!

I don’t know if I’m nesting already, or it’s just having spent more time at home lately, but I find myself wanting to take on all of the different home decor projects that we’ve been putting off since we moved back in almost a year ago. It finally feels like we’re really settling in, just in time for our newest addition in a few months!

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