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By the time February arrives, I inevitably crave some of my favorite things that I’ve been missing during winter: warm sunshine, colorful flowers in bloom, open windows to let in the breeze, and the ability to step outside in a dress without piling on layers. No matter where in the world you live or what the weather is like, though, here’s the good news: our Gal Meets Glam Collection resort line, which launches today, offers an irresistible shortcut to spring!

Thomas and I vacationed in The Bahamas a few years ago and reminisce about how much we loved it to this day–our trip even inspired some of the decor in our house. We jumped at the opportunity to return in order to best capture the vacation-ready delight and lighthearted romance of our latest styles. With bags packed to the brim with dresses, jumpsuits, and all the island-ready accessories we could possibly need, we set off on a whirlwind five days in paradise. Even though we were working hard while we were there, the pink sand beaches, palm-lined walkways, and bougainvillea in a rainbow of hues reminded us how valuable it can be to seek out a change of scenery from time to time. It’s impossible not to take deeper breaths of the salty ocean air and feel rejuvenated by the sunshine! Harbour Island was a perfect mid-winter escape, and I can’t think of a more beautiful backdrop for our first-ever resort collection.

Even if you don’t have a getaway on the calendar, slip into one of our Collection’s flowy maxis, chic jumpsuits, crisp white staples, or brand new dresses in an array of tropical hues to capture the feeling of being on vacation, no matter where you are. Maybe your spring itinerary includes packing our Sophia jumpsuit for a week on an island or exploring the cobblestone streets of a new-to-you city in our Kathleen dress, but you can also brighten up any cloudy February day in our Poppy dress. We hope you’ll find something for every day and every adventure in this radiant selection!

Since there are so many pieces and places to shop this month, we divided up the collection into: jumpsuits, mini dresses, below the knee & midi dresses, maxi dresses, and jackets + additional pieces, to make it easier to shop!


Sophia Jumpsuit – GMGC, NordstromDillard’s, Anthropologie

Gabriella Jumpsuit – GMGCNordstromDillard’s , Nicole Jumpsuit – Nordstrom Exclusive

Iris Jumpsuit – GMGC, NordstromDillard’s , Delia Jumpsuit – GMGCNordstromDillard’s

Nicole Jumpsuit – Nordstrom Exclusive , Iris Jumpsuit – GMGCNordstromDillard’s

Mini Dresses

Clarissa Dress – GMGCDillard’s | Dawn Dress – GMGCDillard’s, Anthropologie

Kathleen Dress – GMGC, NordstromDillard’s, Anthropologie

Midi and Knee-Length Dresses

Josephine Dress – GMGCNordstromDillard’s | Karen Dress – GMGCNordstromDillard’s

Julia Dress in Langoustino – Nordstrom Exclusive | Julia Dress in Tea Rose – GMGC,  Dillard’s

Elisabetta in White – GMGC,  Dillard’s | Elisabetta in Pink – GMGCDillard’s

Daniela Dress – GMGC, Nordstrom | Lilly Dress – GMGC, NordstromDillard’s

Poppy Dress – GMGC, NordstromDillard’s, Anthropologie

Kaitlin Dress – GMGC, NordstromDillard’s | Liliana Dress – GMGCDillard’s

Maxi Dresses

Juliana Dress – GMGCDillard’s

Jade Dress – GMGCNordstromDillard’s | Sydney Dress – GMGCNordstrom

Genevieve Dress – GMGCNordstromDillard’s | Luciana Dress (Coming in March at Anthropologie)

Shannon Dress – GMGC, NordstromDillard’s, Anthropologie

Jackets & Additional Pieces

Clarissa Jacket – GMGC Exclusive | Liliana Jacket – GMGCDillard’s

Dawn Dress – GMGCDillard’s, Anthropologie |Karen Dress – GMGCNordstromDillard’s

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