Q&A Day

January 7

Q&A Vol. 6

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Reader Question

I am traveling to NYC in February. Would you kindly provide a few of your favorite restaurant recommendations? – Debbie T.

NYC can be incredibly cold and snowy in February, so with that in mind, here are my favorite cozy restaurants to visit during that time of year. We love Via Carota in the West Village for fresh, flavorful pasta that rivals meals we’ve eaten in Italy, Waverly Inn in the West Village for upscale American classic dishes, and Maison Premiere in Brooklyn for a decadent brunch. Some other favorite spots are Black Seed for incredible bagels. BoCaphe for Vietnamese food. Babu Ji is our favorite Indian restaurant. The Polo Bar is definitely an incredible NYC experience. Have a wonderful trip!

Reader Question

If you could go back and give your 24-year-old self advice about skin care, what would it be? – Mariah W.

There are two pieces of advice I wish I had paid more attention to earlier, as they’ve made a huge difference in the health of my skin. First and foremost, skincare starts from within. I truly believe the best way to take care of skin is to prioritize staying hydrated (I try to drink 80-100 ounces of water per day, and carry a YETI portable tumbler everywhere in order to make that happen), eating a balanced diet that includes protein and healthy fats, and limiting sugar. When I fall short on any of these things due to travel or a particularly busy season, my skin is one of the first places I notice negative effects, so now, I do my best to prioritize water and healthy foods no matter what my schedule is like. Second, daily sunscreen is a must. Take the time to try out different formulas to see what fits into your daily routine best–recently, I’ve been loving the tinted formula of EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 Facial Sunscreen, since it’s wonderfully lightweight and I can wear it with or without other makeup.

Reader Question

There are so many winter/after-holiday sales happening right now. What are your top items to shop? – Lisa H.

I’m prioritizing shopping for coats, sweaters, and boots, since many of them are currently discounted for one of the last times until the end of the season. The current sales are the perfect opportunity to pick up a few more winter staples that I’ll be able to make use of right away. Popular home categories, like linen and cookware, frequently go on sale this time of year as well, so I’m stocking up on those items, especially for our new NYC apartment! P.S. If you have any weddings coming up in the spring, consider taking a peek at the couple’s registry now to see if any of the home items they registered for are on sale. Plus, buying their wedding gift now means one less thing to worry about come spring!

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