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January 25

In The Mood For A Winter Reading Refresh

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One of my 2019 goals is to create a habit of keeping a book in my bag. Such a simple practice instantly makes long lines, waiting rooms, and flight delays a little more pleasant–I always have something entertaining or enlightening on hand to fill unexpected free time. In the past, I’ve usually spent those moments responding to emails or catching up on Instagram. While I’m sure that will still occasionally be the case, I’m looking forward to using those inevitable moments of my week to enjoy one of my favorite hobbies as well.

Since I also keep a book on my nightstand in Charleston and a book on my nightstand in NYC, I’m in the middle of three different books at any given time. (I love the feeling of a paper book in my hands too much to turn this particular hobby digital, at least for now, though there are times I love a good audible book, especially on long car trips!) In search of a few new books to add to my list for this winter, I polled our team to find out what they’ve enjoyed lately. Take a look at their suggestions below, and please add your own in the comments as well!

Brideshead Revisited, by Evelyn Waugh

If you loved Downton Abbey, be sure to add this classic work of fiction to your list. The story follows the downfall of an aristocratic family and their estate in the English countryside in the 1920s-1930s, as narrated by a close friend of the family. The story overflows with complex characters, vivid imagery, and exquisitely written prose–I couldn’t stop thinking about it after I put it down.

Chasing Slow, by Erin Loechner

Especially meaningful to read at the start of a new year, Erin Loechner’s memoir offers beautiful encouragement to walk boldly down unconventional paths and to prioritize what truly matters most.

Creativity, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

This book dives into the creative process and shares how a variety of innovative creatives act and react to their environments in order to reach “flow” in everyday work.

Dispatches from Pluto, by Richard Grant

This is a wonderful nonfiction piece from British travel writer Richard Grant, who, with his then-girlfriend (and now wife), left Manhattan on a whim for a crumbling plantation house nestled deep in the Mississippi Delta. Grant strikes a well-rounded balance with his thoughtful discussion of the tougher realities of the region and his lively telling (with truly laugh-aloud moments) of what happens when the idyllic notions of a charmed life in the country go far afield from what you expected…but turn out to be so much better.

Island Beauty, by India Hicks

Inspired by the women of Harbour Island, Bahamas, Island Beauty is an easy read that introduces daily beauty, exercise, and overall healthy living practices that are key to island living. Best of all, it’s an eye-catching guide on how to find calm and rest in the midst of our busy city and suburban lives. I’ve added a few recipes and daily rituals to my routine inspired by this mainstay coffee table book.

Pachinko, by Min Jin Lee

This is a brilliant, multi-generational story about Koreans living in Japan.

The Assistants, by Camille Perri

I listened to this entertaining story as an audible book and loved every minute of it.

The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo

My sister Lauren highly recommends this book–she applied the techniques to her own home with great success.

The Secret Lives Of Color, by Kassia St. Clair

A fascinating book about how pigments were made and used. It includes stories about the colors and their significance at different points of history.

To Shake the Sleeping Self, by Jedidiah Jenkins

A true story recounting the author’s experiences biking from Oregon to Patagonia. A wonderful read about adventure and finding your true self.

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