December 6

Q&A Vol. 5

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Reader Question

Can you share more information about scarves–where to buy, the best length, etc.?
– Tenmaya B.

Scarves have become my signature accessory–I wear them almost daily, whether that’s a cozy cashmere scarf looped around my neck during winter or a silk bandana scarf tied around my ponytail in summer. They always add the perfect finishing touch to an outfit, and I love that they’re pieces I’ll wear for years to come. A few scarf styles that I wear the most frequently are long wool or cashmere rectangle scarves (typically around 75” long), large square silk scarves (approximately 50” squares), and bandana scarves (around 35” squares). There’s not one particular retailer I turn to when I’m shopping for scarves–I keep an eye out for them from all of my favorite brands, and am always on the lookout for vintage gems as well! Some of my go-to brands, though, include Cuyana for their alpaca scarves, Sweet & Spark for beautiful vintage silk scarves, Cos for affordable cashmere scarves, White + Warren for the coziest travel scarves, and Gucci for the most beautiful printed silk scarves. Here are a few scarves I’m loving in each of my go-to categories.

Reader Question

What do you use to help you keep the many facets of your life–business, personal, home–organized?
– Deirdre

Since my work is largely digital, you may be surprised to hear that I prefer to use a paper planner and daily to-do list! There are so many beautiful planner options out there that offer all different features and layouts for people in different seasons of life. I’ve found that a very simple system works fine for me, so I change up my planner each year and choose a new one based on how it looks. I use my planner to keep track of travel dates, deadlines, appointments, meetings, home maintenance to-dos, and important dates (like birthdays and anniversaries). Each day, I refer to both my planner and the Google Docs I share with my team (such as our editorial calendar) to make my to-do list for the day. Yes, that list is on paper too!

Our team, for both the blog and the Collection, use Slack daily to communicate, share files, and keep our workflow going. We also love using Airtable for just about everything. The best way to describe Airtable is that it’s easy to use like a spreadsheet, organized like a database, and great with handling imagery. We use it to help plan out all of our shoots, keep our content calendar organized, organize our buys and production of our dresses, plan trip itineraries, and accept job applications.

Reader Question

This winter I’m going to Bratislava, Slovakia for a trip. I will be there for a week and know it will be very cold. What are a few items I should pack so I can stay warm, but still look chic?
– Christina F.

My top five packing list must-haves for a trip somewhere cold are an extra-warm coat, weather-ready boots, a beanie, a wool scarf, and touchscreen-friendly gloves so you can snap photos and navigate the city without freezing your fingers. My recommendations center around outerwear since you can easily layer your favorite turtlenecks, sweaters, and leggings underneath these pieces in order to stay cozy and warm. Great-quality outerwear and winter accessories can be on the pricey side, but they’ll truly make the difference between being stuck inside or being able to wander, explore, and enjoy your trip to the fullest!

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