November 12

How I Reset & Refresh My Skin After Traveling

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As you may have seen on Instagram, we recently put down some roots in New York City! We fly back and forth between there and Charleston multiple times per month to work on the Gal Meets Glam Collection, and after a year of living in hotels part-time, we knew we wanted a place of our own where we could cook, keep a stocked closet, and enjoy a little more privacy. Even though we’ll be able to leave things in our NYC apartment now, I’m thankful that this past year has taught me more about packing and traveling efficiently than ever before. One habit I quickly picked up was keeping my cosmetics bag packed at all times–no more rummaging around the bathroom to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything an hour before leaving for the airport. My on-the-go beauty routines are now set in place, and I love knowing I always have everything I need on hand. It takes a truly impressive product to earn a spot in my travel beauty bag, and when I tried Olay’s new Clay Stick Masks, I knew I was going to make room for the Fresh Reset Mask.

Self-care products that extend beyond my standard cleansing and moisturizing routine often get left behind when I’m traveling. I’ve realized how important it is to continue taking extra good care of my skin, even when away from home. One of my favorite things about the Olay Masks is that they come in an easy-to-use stick applicator. Not only does this guarantee mess-free application, it’s also one less liquid item in my carry-on! The Fresh Reset Mask, my favorite of the three, is made of Kaolin clay and pink mineral complex to micro-polish tired skin and infuse it with antioxidants. I love going without makeup when I can, but fighting the effects of long days and dry airplane cabins are essential to making me feel confident sans makeup. For targeted treatment, you can also use all three clay masks together–the stick applicators make it easy to apply the exact formula you need to different parts of your face.

I have every intention of picking up one Fresh Reset Mask for Charleston and one for New York (at such an affordable price point, why not?), but know I’ll also continue to pop it into my bag when we’re traveling. Since we’re usually working on those trips, I don’t often have time to check out a hotel’s spa. Packing such a portable and effortless clay mask means I’ll be able to sneak in ten minutes of self-care time, no matter where in the world we are.

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