September 6

This Is The Lightweight Moisturizer Keeping My Skin Happy

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Regardless of the length of stay, I view my time at home as a time for recovery, refreshment and rejuvenation. Some of the ways I do this are making sure my body gets the extra rest it needs, getting back to healthy routines such as eating better, working out and focusing on really taking care of my skin. When home I prefer to leave my skin bare or I go for a very minimal makeup look, with only light coverage. Regardless of which I choose, moisturizer is my first step. Unsurprisingly, I’m finding that this has led to having better skin which then makes me want to wear less makeup or no makeup at all. It’s a positive cycle that reinforces consistent improvement in my skin.

Everytime I put on makeup I shoot for a natural, fresh and airy look. So the moisturizer I use is really important to this whole process. The Olay Regenerist Whip Face Moisturizer SPF which I’ve been using since it’s launch last year, checks all of these boxes. It creates a smooth, matte finish that doesn’t look shiny. It absorbs fast so if I am putting on makeup, I don’t have to go waste a few minutes waiting for it to absorb. It’s a perfect primer to help my makeup set and stay all day. Especially during the summer months because I want my skin to breath. With the heat and humidity, I don’t want to spend time applying my makeup just to sweat it all off. It’s also affordable and easy to stock up on, and since I use a lot of moisturizer due to dry skin, these two features are especially important. I always have one in my travel beauty bag as well. And although I have some other, more higher end moisturizers that I use sparingly, Olay Regenerist Whip Face Moisturizer has become an everyday favorite. 

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