July 20

These Are The Pieces That I’m Lounging In At Home

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This is the longest we’ve been home all year- almost four weeks! After a whirlwind of back and forth trips to NYC and travels to shoot the collection, we finally got a break in our crazy schedule to settle down at home for more than a week. And it sure feels nice. We are back into our workout routine, cooking a lot more and really just spending as much time at home as possible. We’re in between office spaces right now (waiting for our new one to be completed!), so we’ve set up in our house, which makes it even easier to never want to leave. And after spending over a year renovating, we finally feel like we’re getting to enjoy all the results. Even on the weekends, it takes a lot for us to want to leave, especially when we’re cozied up in something comfortable and binge watching a show (we just started The Americans, and we’re hooked!). You guys know that I’m big into my pjs and loungewear, so when I took a peek at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale early access last week, that’s what I ended up getting for myself! The Sale just opened up to the public today and I’ve rounded up my favorite lounge wear and comfy pieces that you can buy now and wear now.

Outfit Details:

Striped Hoodie & Pants, White Tee

Striped Hoodie

This blue and white striped hoodie and pants are currently marked down for less than $65 together. While they’re the perfect set to lounge around the house in, I’m also looking forward to wearing the sweater with a white tee and jeans on a travel day.

White Tee

I always underestimate a simple white tee, and I always find that it comes in handy more often than not, both at home and when traveling. I have a few that I love, like this one and this one, but this one and this one are currently on sale for less than $20 each.

Outfit Details:

Sweater, Silk Pants, Mules

Cozy Sweater

It’s not that often that I buy a sweater in the peak of summer, but being that when we’re home, we’re mostly sitting in our air conditioned house, I’ve actually found myself reaching for one throughout the day. This blush one is the softest ever and I know it’ll be a favorite come fall. I also love this Free People one on sale along with this beautiful baby blue one and this cashmere one.

Silk Pants

These blush silk joggers are my equivalent of sweatpants and I can’t wait to slip into them every evening. The best part is that they still look pulled together enough to wear them outside of the house, too. I wore them with these blush mules, but they would look adorable with these sneakers that are also included in the sale.

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