June 19

Primrose Hill, London

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Maje Dress, Gucci Scarf, Manebi Espadrilles (similar here and here, and also love these embroidered ones), Mark Cross Bag (similar here and less expensive version here)

We just so happened to be in London during a bank holiday weekend last month. We had initially planned on heading out to the countryside but decided to stay in the city because the weather looked better. It was Monday, our last day, and we wanted to head to a neighborhood that we hadn’t explored much of, so our friends suggested Primrose Hill. A few years ago we visited the area, but hadn’t been back in years, so we popped in an uber and headed out there from Chelsea.

I love Primrose Hill because not only is it a beautiful neighborhood with lots of yummy restaurants and cute shops, it has a wonderful hilly park and also borders the northern side of Regent’s Park. It was much quieter than the previous time we had come over because of the holiday, and while many shops were closed, there were still enough open to keep us busy. Over the years, Thomas and I have got in the habit of stopping into old bookshops wherever we go and buying one book to add to our collection. It doesn’t have to be anything incredibly special, but we write the date and location we were in, inside the book. It’s a sweet little way to remember each trip.

After walking around for a while and working up an appetite, we headed to Lemonia, a wonderful family owned greek restaurant on the main street of Primrose Hill, Regent’s Park Road. A bright and airy space mixed with a charming atmosphere and absolutely wonderful food, it was the perfect lunch spot for us.

After lunch, we headed over to walk through Regent’s Park back to our house, stopping for all of the roses along the way of course. As I mentioned previously, we got really lucky with such wonderful weather in London. This was another sunny day, but with a small crisp breeze in the air. Luckily I had brought this long sleeve Maje shirtdress with me that I recently bought from Nordstrom. I haven’t done much shopping lately (because I now have a closet full of all of my dream dresses!), but I still do love finding pieces that catch my eye, and thankfully Nordstrom has such fast and speedy shipping, because I always wait until the last minute to order something online before a trip.

I have also been wearing so many scarves lately and I found some of my current favorites at Nordstrom like this blue & white Gucci bunny one. I’ve never seen a scarf that’s more me! I especially love packing them while we travel because they always come in handy to either wear in my hair, throw over my shoulders or elevate a simple white tee and jeans on a travel day. I also have this floral one and this one, but I’m eyeing a few others like this one, this one and this one.

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