June 7

5 Gift Ideas For Father’s Day 2018

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Hey everyone, it’s Thomas, taking over today to help out with some suggestions for awesome Father’s Day gifts. While I’m not officially a member of the Father club, in spirit I am. Want proof? I’m already much more likely to wear a casual shirt tucked in and I’ve got dad jokes to last for days. So I’m hoping my recommendations will help you out this Father’s Day.

I hate to generalize all men, but as guys, when we find something that works (or no one has informed us that it doesn’t), we have a tendency to put it on repeat. Sometimes this leads to habits that last for years, if not decades, despite no concrete evidence that we actually need the item. That’s why I believe gifting men is fairly easy. Simply take a look at their routines to see if there’s room for improvement. Here are 5 categories with suggestions of gifts for that special father in your life.

Men’s Grooming Products

While not quite on the level of gifting someone a treadmill, gifting a man a whole new suite of men’s grooming products is a subtle way of dropping the hint that you think their skin may need some TLC. You might not know this about me, but I’ve become pretty passionate about skincare. I’m often the one that tests product samples when we receive them from brands. Little do these companies know that if they want Julia to talk about their Rose Hydration Sheet Mask, it better knock my socks off as well. I recently overhauled all of my skincare products and below are my current favorites. I’ve included products that I’ve been using for years as well.

Face Wipes & Face Wash- You know the commercials where the model gracefully splashes water on her face? That’s definitely not what I look like when actually washing my face. On the contrary, I make quite a mess. I just ordered these face wipes – great for midday or right before bed to cleanse with no mess. For in the shower, I’ve switched to this Perricone MD Face Wash and I’m loving it, especially the scent. I’ve also been hooked on this face wash for years.

Moisturizer- There’s no substitute for a great moisturizer. I’ve always used this Kiehl’s Face Moisturizer which also has SPF. I recently switched to this serum with this moisturizer as well.

Shave- Baxter makes my favorite shave related products. They actually have this Travel Starter Kit which includes my favorite shave cream and after shave balm.

Other Favorite Products- This deep moisturizer comes in handy, especially on days when I shave because my skin gets very dry. I love Supergoop Sunscreens. Sometimes I’ll use this serum instead of moisturizer in the summer. I’m not sure if this is meant for men to use, but I also apply and reapply a few sprays of this SPF 50 setting mist to my face, ears and neck throughout the day when spending time outdoors. Finally, Supergoop Sunscreen comes in a mousse, which makes it easier to both spread and see where you’re applying it, vs. a mist, which always ends up with missed spots.

It may also be time for that Father in your life to upgrade their Dopp Kit. I have one that I love that looks like this leather one.

A New Pair of Summer Shoes

The transition from Spring to Summer means that there’s a lot more shorts wearing happening, and that means your shoes are going to stand out. As men we need to have a few great shoes that look amazing without socks. Since I’m not a flip flop or sandal wearer, you’ll find me in close toed summer shoes most of the time. Over the years, my summer shoe collection has steadily become the largest section of shoes in my closet. Here are a few brands I love. I’m obsessed with my All Birds in their new tree material, which is lighter and more breathable, making them better suited for warm weather. I also have these skippers in Kauri Rose (aka pink). For the past 4-5 years now, my hands-down favorite shoe brand is Rivieras which makes the best looking and most comfortable espadrilles. These striped blue and white ones are my go-to’s, since they look great with almost any outfit and they don’t get as dirty as solid color styles like the cream and white pairs I own. Another brand to consider for great espadrilles is Soludos. I like these striped ones or these solid blue ones. Julia got me this pair of Stubbs and Wooten Panama Slippers which I originally didn’t think I’d wear, so I returned them. After 4-5 occasions occurred where I wished I had them, I decided to purchased them again and they’ve been my most worn evening shoe ever since. I’m actually going to be wearing these black velvet ones with my tux for an upcoming wedding.

Audio- Speakers and Headphones

I love great audio. Julia and I listen to music all day long. In our newly renovated house we used a mixture of installed ceiling Sonos speakers and we sprinkled in the Sonos PLAY speakers in varying sizes throughout the house. The Sonos PLAY:1 is the smallest speaker and great for small to medium rooms, so we have them in each bedroom. The Sonos PLAY:3 packs more power and we use them in our larger rooms that don’t have installed speakers. The most powerful in the range is the Sonos PLAY:5 which sounds incredible. We don’t actually own one, since we have installed speakers in our largest rooms, but I’d love to add one in the future. If you are unfamiliar with Sonos speakers, which are great on their own, the advantage really comes from having multiple ones connected to your WiFi. You can setup zones to play different music in different areas, or play one thing throughout your entire house. Sonos speakers are also compatible with Amazon Alexa.

A New Pair Of Sunglasses

Truth be told, I don’t wear sunglasses too often but I wish I did. I just don’t like the hassle of switching between sunglasses and eyeglasses. I’ve also been incredibly lazy in getting a pair of prescription sunglasses, which I swear I’ll do the next time I go to the eye doctor. You can’t go wrong with a classic pair of round frame tortoiseshell glasses (my favorite eyeglasses are Masunaga tortoiseshell). Right now I have my eyes on these Cubitts ones, which are half the price of these Tom Ford sunglasses.

A New Wallet

Imagine if you carried the same purse every single day for years and you also sat on it. Men use wallets every single day, yet update them way too infrequently. When I met Julia, I was still using a velcro wallet I’d had since I was 15.  I’m a fan of brown leather wallets like this one (currently on sale) or this one or this Frye one with a smooth leather texture.

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