May 16

A Year With My Senreve Bag

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I can tell when a company is passionate about what they do because they pursue every aspect of their business with a sense of purpose. When I first spoke with the Senreve founders, I could sense their desire to create amazing bags that make life better for those who carry them. When I started using my first Senreve bag a year ago, I mentioned I had found the perfect bag, a luxury bag that looks beautiful and keeps up with my needs as a modern day woman. A claim that, after a year of use, I stand even more behind today as it’s truly designed to stand the test of time. Mine still looks almost brand new even though I’ve been using it regularly over the past year. That’s a pretty remarkable feat when you consider that my preferred use is taking it on short work trips, such as design days, flying up to NYC and back for GMG Collection. My Maestra has become my travel buddy, perfectly sized to fit my laptop, headphones, wallet, water bottle and whatever snacks I pack for a travel or workday.

One of my favorite features about Senreve bags are the straps and different carrying methods. I’ve never used a bag that can transition as quickly as this one. I can carry my Maestra bag by the handle one day and switch to wear as a backpack the next, or adjust the straps to rest comfortably on the top of my rolling suitcase at the airport. More and more, I’ve been using the backpack mode, as I love having my hands free to tackle whatever comes my way, whether that’s a travel day or running errands, like going to the grocery store. I get so many compliments all the time and especially about how cool the Maestra looks when I wear it as a backpack.

After my great experience with my original Senreve Ice Maestra bag, it’s no surprise that my collection of Senreve bags is steadily growing. Since their launch, Senreve has been hard at work creating bags for every occasion — their most recent size being the Midi, which is in between the Mini Maestra and regular Maestra. Not only do Maestras come in convenient sizes to fit every handbag need, but they keep coming out with beautiful color options as well. As you know, I love my pastel color shades and Senreve has no shortage of them. I’m especially loving their new purple colors. I recently got both the Mini Maestra and laptop sleeve in Mimosa Lilac, as well as the Maestra in Lavender. Senreve bags come in two textures: the Pebbled and the Mimosa. My original Ice Maestra bag has the Pebbled texture, which I love for its more supple style. The Mimosa is an etched texture that’s a little bit stiffer, but provides even more durability so I can enjoy my bag for years to come.

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