February 12

The Drugstore Beauty Product I Love

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The winter months are always the harshest on my skin, especially since it’s already on the dry side to begin with. With an added layer of makeup daily, my skin gets even drier. I always know I have to step it up a bit with my routine- that means extra moisturizer and lots of hydration. Last December I took the Olay 28 day challenge and used their micro sculpting cream every day for almost a month and loved the results I saw in my skin. For a beauty product that I can buy at a drugstore, I was impressed! Recently, I’ve added the new Olay Regenerist Whips to my skincare routine and it’s become one of my favorite skincare products to use daily.


Olay Whips Moisturizer goes on light
New Olay Whips Moisturizer


I usually apply a pretty thick layer of moisturizer in the morning since my skin is dry, but typically have to wait for it took to soak in before I apply my makeup. With the Olay Whips, it has a super quick absorption so that there’s no wait time. Now instead of applying my skincare, going about my morning routine and then applying my makeup, it’s now become a single process. Anything that makes mornings quicker and easier is a welcome change to me!


Fresh Moisturized Final makeup look
Fresh Sophisticated White and Pink Outfit


I also love that the Olay Whips has a formula that absorbs oils, so as I go about my day, my skin doesn’t get oily or shiny. It really is the ideal base that allows me to focus on my day instead of my skin. You can check out the full Olay Whips collection at Target here.


Charleston South Carolina Pink and White House
Olay Whips saves time when getting ready in the morning


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