January 24

Work Bags At Every Price Point

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The start of a new year always gives me the itch for a refresh and I have a feeling many of you feel the same, based on a lot of questions I’ve been receiving. I recently did a huge closet purge (stay tuned because I’ll be selling many of the items via our email newsletter– make sure you’re signed up!) to get ready to move back into our house. It always feels good to declutter, clean out and organize. It also helps me realize what I have too much of and what I should be focusing on looking for (if anything, because really, I don’t need anything). I also organized and cleaned out my bags and I realized that I have three styles that I pretty much exclusively wear- little bags, basket totes and medium to large satchels. The latter style is one that I’ve been getting a lot of questions about, especially for work. In this day and age, there is such a vast spectrum of workwear, but one detail that will always remain relevant, no matter your dress code, is a nice, practical handbag that’s also not bad to look at (i.e. you still want to use it after work, too).


We all have different budgets and ideas of what our needs are, so I rounded up a list of bags at at a variety of price points. Of course you can get a gorgeous tote for near $1000, but you can also find something beautiful at $200 or even under $100.


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