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January 29

Framebridge For That Special Someone

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I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day, but more for the mass amounts of chocolate consumed and not so much the gifting. It always sneaks up quickly after Christmas when so much gifting has already been done. In the past, Thomas and I have opted for experiences instead of objects, whether that be a dinner out or a quick weekend getaway. This year we’re switching it up though, bringing a bit of our past travels into our office through framed pictures from some of our favorite moments.


I love framed pictures and to be honest, I’ve never met someone that didn’t appreciate a thoughtful framed photo or piece of art. Since first being introduced to Framebridge a few years back, we’ve slowly added more frames and now we have them all over our house and have gifted them to many more friends and family. They’re the sweetest way to highlight a memory and make a gift feel personal and unique. Good news for you, Framebridge has a special deal for Gal Meets Glam readers where you can get 15% off your first order with the code- GMG15. Valid now through the end of February. 



One of the efforts Thomas and I wanted to make for this year was to take the time to get our favorite travel moments framed from our adventures together. When Thomas joined me full-time in this blogging journey as my business partner and photographer, it was a very natural transition for him and both of our artistic approaches to photography aligned quite effortlessly. This Valentine’s Day I wanted to gift Thomas framed photos from our most significant journeys together. Like photos from our trip to France last summer, or our 4th of July trip to Nantucket and our South Carolina explorations.These moments were the many times I was reminded that there’s no other person I’d want to experience the world with. And if it weren’t for this business we built, we wouldn’t have had this many opportunities to explore all of the cities, countries, and continents together. Hanging a frame brings back constant memories when we walk by it, reminding us of the hilarious stories, delicious foods, breathtaking sights and all that we experienced that day. We feel it’s even more meaningful to hang these particular moments in our office since our business sits at the root of all of these travels and serves as a reminder of how far we’ve come as husband and wife, business partners, and a team.




In case you’ve never used Framebridge before, it is so easy to use. You’ll notice they have so many frames including all the different matting options, making it easy to fit anyone’s decor. With plenty of options from instaX minis to large high-res photos you can hang over your couch, picking the right size can be tricky, but luckily their online system helps you see what the size will be on a wall. Their printing quality is top notch, especially when we send them our highest resolution imagery. When you are used to looking at images on a phone or on a computer screen, seeing them blown up as a large print makes it feel more life-like. You notice so much more detail in them, which brings even stronger memories back. Finally, they ship in ultra protected packaging, which offers an extra layer of confidence your gift will arrive in perfect shape! We’ve shipped so many of these, to both ourselves and friends/family, and we always have the best experience, which is why I’m also so happy to work with the company here on the blog. 


Thank you to Framebridge for sponsoring this post.

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