December 26

My Most-Used Items of 2017

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas yesterday! We’re now days away from the end of the year and all of 2017 feels like a blur. Where did the time go? How did it go by so fast? Regardless, I’m excited to welcome a new year full of fresh opportunities and changes. But before we jump ahead and start talking about 2018, I want to look back on this past year a bit. Later this week we’ll be doing a recap post with some of the highlights from 2017, but I also wanted to share some of my most-loved (and used) items of the year. I can’t even keep track of how many products I use daily, but there are definitely a handful of items that stick out to me as daily or weekly essentials- things I use more than everything else. Keep reading to see what my most-used items of 2017 were…


Steamer– We love our steamer and have recommended it to so many people. I can’t think of the last time we ironed something- we steam everything! We use it every day at home and travel with it as well.


Cuyana Laptop Bag– I mentioned in this post about how often I use my laptop sleeve and it’s without a doubt, one of the most-used items of the year. It also made for one of my favorite gifts to give this holiday season, too.


Steamline Luggage– I can’t think of a single trip where I didn’t bring my Steamline carry-on. Regardless if we’re going on a quick weekend escape or a long, overseas adventure, I always have it with me. It surprisingly carries a lot more than you think, it’s held up exceptionally well and gets lots of compliments along the way. It’s definitely the cutest piece of travel gear I own. 


Giant Mophie– This sort of speaks for itself. Shoutout to Thomas who always makes sure my backup charger is fully charged and ready to go, especially while traveling. With being on my phone 24/7, this always comes in handy.


Moroccanoil Treatment– This was my #1 hair product of the year and I’ll be going into 2018 with it. My hair is the longest it’s ever been and healthiest, too. I saw a drastic difference when I started using the oil consistently after washing my hair. I also love that it helps it dry faster because I never have the time (or patience) to spend hours on my crazy thick mane. 


Curling Iron– This has been my most-used item for a few years running now. Switching up my drug-store bought curling iron for this GHD one was a huge upgrade. Not only did I see my curls lasting longer, but my hair has less heat damage from the ceramic barrel.


Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara– I’ve been using this mascara for a while now and love, love it. I used to hop around from different brands, but now I’m pretty loyal to this Bobbi Brown one. This could easily top the whole list for the most-used item!


Ray Ban Clubmaster– Although I don’t wear sunglasses often on the blog, I always have a pair with me. If you were to search in my bag on any given day of this past year, 99% of the time you would find my Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses. 


Mark Cross Bag– I eyed Mark Cross bags for a long time before buying one last year. It was right around the time when I was realizing I didn’t need to carry such large totes and handbags anymore and really preferred something smaller, but that still held all of my day to day things. I still love this bag (and all Mark Cross bags) and think this was my most worn one of the year.


Chloe scalloped Flats– I’ve said it for years, but my Chloe scalloped flats are easily my favorite pair of shoes. There’s nothing more comfortable, simple or easy to wear. They somehow work with everything, which is probably why they are making the list, yet again.


Lake Pajamas– I got my first pair of Lake Pajamas last year as a gift and since then I’ve been hooked. I’ve bought myself (and friends and family) more pairs and love slipping them on the minute I get home.


Yeti Coffee Mug– Thomas got this for me towards the end of the year, so it didn’t really have a fair chance at a full 12 month analysis like all of the other products on this list. But, I’ve used it every single day since he bought it for me and it’s proven to be a must-have for my day to day, so I definitely think it deserves a spot!


B&O Headphones– A few years ago someone told me about these headphones after I complimented and asked them about their own (they had this same pair on). A few months later my mother in law bought them for me for my birthday and I’ve traveled with them everywhere since. They’re noise cancelling, incredibly comfortable and super chic- a win-win!


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