November 10

Tips For Staying Motivated With A New Season & Time Change

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Now that the clocks have fallen back and the sun sets really early, it’s easy to fall into a rut. Maybe it’s a creative rut or an overall lack of energy. It’s important to not let yourself go into “hibernation” mode, so I’ve put together a list of my top tips for staying motivated for fall and winter so you can beat those Winter blues and and feel great these next couple of months.


Wear your “power” outfits-

Temperature and weather can make life more difficult and sometimes we just have to put on whatever we have. As the temperature dips I love to add new items that keep me warm, dry and looking great. It’s so easy when buying jackets and coats to focus on neutrals but I love bold colors to standout from the crowd (like here and here).


Control food cravings-

There’s a reason why that PSL and muffin hit the spot in the cold weather months. While there’s a debate of exactly why it happens, most people increase caloric consumption during this time of the year. One theory is that we crave carbs which raise body temperature during digestion. Just being mindful of our increased desire to eat can help us make smarter choices by what we consume (i.e. lots of sugar)


Keep up or pick up your workout routine-

Since weather won’t allow us to spend as much time as we want outside it’s important to maintain enough physical activity. To help motivate yourself to workout enough you can bring a friend to an exercise class with you. Working out with a buddy is way more fun and then you have another person to hold you accountable to your plans.


Meet up with friends more often-

Social interaction is a great way to recharge your batteries, even if you are feeling overwhelmed everywhere else in your life. Sometimes, when I’m super busy getting together with friends, being social can seem like the last thing I’d want to do, but I’m always reminded how great it is to catch up and have fun.


Going out for meals and drinks can get expensive so instead, how about you host a themed potluck dinner party with friends. This way you won’t be required to cook everything on your own and then all your guests get to taste test lots of new dishes. Plus, get togethers often result in making more fun future plans with friends for weekend trips or social events throughout the season.


Look into any community and social events going on in your city/town on the weeknights so you have something to look forward to after work.


Spend time outside when possible-

Take advantage of great weather and spend time outside whenever possible. Book an “appointment” for yourself to get outside during your workday or go for an extra long walk for lunch. And when the weather turns really bad, look on the bright side. Learn how to love the outdoors wherever you live during every season.


Start a new passion project-

Having something to look forward to always helps get through a day much faster. Whether that’s taking a new class after work or an activity on the weekends. Choose to do something simply because you love it, rather than trying to get some sort of return from it. In our top lessons from female entrepreneurs post a few of our contributors mentioned the importance of working on something you are passionate about. Treat yourself and make plans that you can’t wait to do!


Write out your to-do list for the next day before you go to bed-

Short days can throw off my perception of how productive I am, even if I’m working the same amount of hours. Additionally, the sinking sun can distract me and remind me of everything I still have left on my plate. That’s why it’s important to start with writing a great to-do list the night before my next work day. That way I can start with the most important items first.


Change up your routine-

Possibly the quickest way to give you more motivation is to shock your body with change. You can change up your morning music for an inspirational podcast. Try finding a podcast that provides a practical and positive action plan or daily insights that will inspire you to take on your day with excitement.


Try to learn how to meditate and once you can, try out a midday meditation session at your desk for 10 minutes. You’ll feel really refreshed. A great app for this is Headspace (which my friend Carly got me on) or Calm.

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