November 2

Our Scotland Adventure Part 2

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We started our final full day at Gleneagles with breakfast in bed, Rosie’s bed to be more specific. We called ahead to have everything delivered to their room early in the morning, because breakfast with all four of us is more fun! We ordered a little bit of everything, as we always do, and chowed down before getting ready for a day full of activities. Much coffee was needed as I was having a hard time sleeping (I think it was from jumping to California from Charleston, then NYC, London and finally Scotland), my body was so tired, but my mind would be wide awake at night. It could also be that I was just so excited to be in Scotland!


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We started the morning with a carriage ride through the countryside. We all bundled up with blankets in the backseat and set off through the beautiful landscape. The carriage ride was a great way to see the property immediately surrounding Gleneagles, and since it was morning time, it was incredibly peaceful out. And the horses! There are actually stables of horses on the property that you can ride, take lessons, or even learn to play polo with!



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In Monday’s post I mentioned that a hike was towards the top of our list of activities to do at Gleneagles, but the number one activity that we were most excited for was the off-road driving course! As you can tell from these pictures, these vehicles can handle pretty much anything. They were a blast to drive in and I wish we had longer than an hour on the course because it felt like 5 minutes. We drove over pretty much everything and took on any hill, boulder or stream without a blink of an eye. I was in the back giggling away and bouncing all around, loving every minute of it. And I still can’t get over this gorgeous landscape!


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That’s me driving, BTW! Rose was a pro and I was so nervous to drive (as I’ve never driven stick), but the group encouraged me to give it a go, so I did. It ended up being much easier than I thought, but I definitely opted out of the steep hills and driving through streams. The large puddles were more my speed.


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Barbour Jacket, Demylee Sweater (old, similar here), J.Crew Pants(last seen here), Hunter Boots, Scarf (bought in Ireland, similar here)[/outfit_section]

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Next came the grand finale of the off-road course, the creek. I was a little skeptical when our guide told us to drive straight down the creek when we had the option of an easily navigable road, but I guess that’s what we signed up for! I had my head out the window the whole time, laughing in disbelief that we were driving through a creek!


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After our two full days of adventure at Gleneagles, we cleaned up out of our dirty clothes and got dressed up for a fancy dinner at their restaurant, The Strathearn. Before dinner, we sipped on Moscow Mules as we watched the sunset from the comfy bar area and talked about Rosie and her man’s upcoming nuptials! To say I’m excited is a major understatement!


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