November 25

My New Plan For Sticking To A Consistent Workout Schedule

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I have a love/hate relationship with working out. Sometimes (like earlier this spring) I get into a great groove where I’m consistent with my weekly workouts and look forward to them at the beginning or end of each day. But then other times, our schedule gets so busy that the thought of working out (or even the drive for it) just doesn’t come, and I go weeks, sometimes even months without doing anything. I think to myself “I just don’t have time”, but the truth is that some of the busiest people still make time for it, so I know that I can, too.



I love working out. I’ve never done a workout and thought afterwards, “I wish I didn’t do that”. It’s my favorite way to start or end my day and can completely turn around a bad mood I’m in. I can feel my body craving a good workout, especially after we’ve been traveling and eating not so great. These past few months, I’ve found it really hard to get motivated enough to take the time each week to break a sweat. I think of everything else I have to do and put that first, even though I consider taking care of my body just as important. It’s something I used to look forward to and I want to find that again! So, I’m putting together a little plan to get myself excited and back in the groove…



I’ve come up with a small list of actions that I’m planning on taking in order to get back into the workout routine I used to love…


  • Set a schedule of days to workout no matter what. I’m planning on picking three days a week where I find at least 30 minutes to get active (and walking doesn’t count!).
  • Try a new workout once a month. Typically, I find one or two workouts and then have those be my “thing”, but I think having something new to look forward to will help switch things up and keep my workouts interesting. There are so many workouts that I’ve never tried (for fear of being terrible), but each time I’ve tried something new (like boxing), I’ve really enjoyed it.
  • Include outdoor activities in my list. I used to love tennis and I really want to get back out and play again. I’ve never been much of a runner (I have bad knees), but I love the idea of doing something that gets me moving outdoors. Any recommendations here?
  • Set a goal that’s measurable. Such as weight, max treadmill speed, or minutes worked out per week. That’s one of the reasons why I enjoy Orange Theory so much- each class I have at least one goal for myself, to get my heart rate into the orange zone for over 12 minutes. I’m hoping to find a similar type of goal in each workout I do.
  • Do classes that are actually fun and that I enjoy. There have been a few times when I’ve “made” myself continually go to a specific workout because I thought it would get me in shape, but I was miserable each time. There was absolutely nothing that I enjoyed about it, and each time I loathed going. Eventually I was like “why am I doing this?”, there are so many other activities I actually like and enjoy going to. Not everything is for everyone.
  • I know it’s silly, but having cute workout clothes always gets me excited to go to a class. I recently bought a few new pieces at Nike and I’m so looking forward to wearing them them! If I have a workout in the morning, I’m planning on setting out my clothes and sneakers the night before or bringing them with me to work if I’m going at the end of the day.


Nike has always been my favorite brand for workout clothes. When we lived in San Francisco, there was a Nike women’s store right next to Soul Cycle and Equinox. It felt like each time I went to workout, I would come home with something new. My sneaker collection is a little ridiculous. I recently ordered a few new things, like these sneakers, this jacket and these pants I’m wearing above. I love the purple grey hue, a nice switch up from an all black workout outfit. Nike is having a 25% off sale this weekend, with many of the pieces I recently got now marked down, like this zip-up hoodie I’ve had for a while, these sneakers I have in black and these cozy sweatpants. Below I’ve listed some of my favorites from the sale that would also make some great gifts this holiday season.

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