October 19

Gal Meets Glam x Lulu & Georgia Garden Party Rug

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It’s here!!! The Gal Meets Glam ‘Garden Party’ rug I designed with Lulu & Georgia is now available to purchase! I gave a few sneak peeks over the past few months showing some details of the rug, but I’m thrilled to finally share the whole thing! To say I’m obsessed is a major understatement and it actually became the entire inspiration for our whole office decor. When Lulu & Georgia came to me at the beginning of last year wanting me to co-design a rug with them, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. As someone who has spent hours and hours searching for the perfect rug, I know how hard it can be to find exactly what you’re looking for. A rug can make or break a room, and I wanted to create something that would be the focal point. Stemmed from my love of pastels and chinoiserie, we created the Gal Meets Glam ‘Garden Party’ Rug.






I wanted to create something that felt feminine and luxurious, but was still easy to incorporate into a home. We took the floral and bird elements from a typical chinoiserie print and did an all-over pattern in a beautiful mix of soft pastel shades. Every detail was stressed over to get the colors right and the perfect texture for the final rug. I really wanted a luxurious texture and sheen, and I’m so thrilled with the result! I’m a firm believer in having a rug that not only looks great, but feels great too and this one makes me want to cozy up on it. Thomas couldn’t get over how amazing it felt on his feet (ha!). As I mentioned, our rug has been sitting in our office for the last couple of months and every time I walk in, it brings the biggest smile to my face. It’s been such a rewarding experience seeing an idea come to life and develop into a real product. I couldn’t be more proud with how the final result turned out!






While I have the Garden Party Rug styled in our office, my first instinct was to put it in a bedroom. The timing however wasn’t right since most of our furniture is being stored during our home renovation. It all worked out in the end though, as we ended up finding our office space, which has plenty of room to fit the 8’x10′ size. It’s been fun having it in the office because the first thing people ask when they walk in is “Where did you get your rug?!”.






The rug comes in three different sizes, 3’x5′, 5’x8′ and 8’x10′, making it the perfect fit for any room- whether that be a bedroom, home office, children’s room, living room or dining room. My home decor style has always been so connected to my personal style, so it was such a natural decision to go with softer, pastel shades. I love walking in my home and seeing a reflection of the colors and patterns that bring me joy and happiness, which is how a home should feel. It’s the space where we spend the most time and I think that’s why so many people feel such a connection to interiors. When I’m in a room that I feel inspired by, I never want to leave!




I hope you all love the rug as much as I do! If you are considering buying this rug, I know it can be a big decision so I’m happy to answer any questions you might have, just leave them in the comments section.

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