August 28

Use This Skincare Product For Deep Hydration

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In June, you may have noticed that I started my SK-II #OneBottleAwayFrom journey. With a summer full of sun, heat, humidity and lots of traveling, I knew my skin was starting to feel the consequences, so I decided to start to use SK-II Facial Treatment Essence twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night, both, after washing my face. I’m familiar with the SK-II brand, having used a few products in the past in the past- I normally pickup an SK-II mask at the Duty Free airport shops to apply during long flights. This summer, I made a commitment to make their iconic Facial Treatment Essence a consistent member in my beauty routine and it’s really paid off! Typically, I would categorize my skin as dry, so I’m always seeking ways to keep it hydrated and looking its best. With the heat and humidity of summer, more than ever, I realized I needed to let my skin breathe. This meant less makeup, more bare skin. Feeling confident and good about going sans makeup has always been a goal of mine, so I set out with this in mind. 






Unlike other beauty products, this one started working for me instantly. Most noticeably with my skin’s hydration and firmness. And applying the Facial Treatment Essence couldn’t be easier. First start with a fresh, clean face. Sprinkle about 1 teaspoon, or a couple of shakes, onto a cotton pad. Then tap gently around your face, making sure to coat evenly, including your neck. You can apply a moisturizer afterwards, although you don’t need to, especially when applying in the morning. During my evening routine, I’ll finish off with one of my favorite night time moisturizers or masks for extra hydration. 





My skin is feeling more radiant than ever which is one of the reasons why I feel comfortable having more days where I don’t wear makeup. I honestly can’t think of the last time my skin has not only looked this good, but also felt this good. It’s silky smooth, dewy and happy- just the way I like it!




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