August 1

A Week On Nantucket Part 1

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At the beginning of the year, Thomas and I had two trips that were at the top of our travel list for summer- Provence and Nantucket. We checked off the first at the beginning of June, and just a few weeks later, headed to the latter for Fourth of July weekend. This was our first trip to Nantucket. Everyone kept telling us how much we would love it, and truth be told, we fell in love right away. It’s kind of hard not to though. Everything is picture perfect and it’s almost as though the roses and hydrangeas are being fed some crazy plant growth hormone, because they are out-of-this-world beautiful! I have a ridiculous amount of rose/hydrangea photos on my phone from the trip and I just can’t seem to make myself delete any, even though no human needs that many photos of flowers on their phone. I’ll save them for a rainy day!


We spent a full week on the island, one Saturday to the next. We knew that wanting to visit during one of the busiest times of the year was probably a little crazy, but it was so much fun! We loved how lively and festive everything felt. Although downtown was a bit of a mad house at times (coming off the ferry!), where we stayed in ‘Sconset was pretty quiet. I found this house back in January, crossing my fingers that it would be available for our dates, and as luck would have it, it was! We got a fun group together and started planning out our trip. Carly was the only one that had been to Nantucket before, so we used her as our ‘guide’ to figure out our plans.


Julia Engel from Gal Meets Glam on Nantucket
Sankaty Head Lighthouse 'Sconset Nantucket

Sankaty Head Lighthouse 'Sconset Nantucket

Nantucket Blue Hydrangeas


For the first half of our trip, we were joined by our friends Carly, Chassity and Gray. First thing we did was make a big haul at Stop & Shop for food for the week. The house we rented had a great kitchen and an outdoor grill, so more than half of our meals were ate at home. I miss waking up in the mornings to fresh coffee brewing and everyone chatting away in their pjs in the kitchen. The weather was also a lot warmer than I had thought it would be. I packed quite a handful of sweaters and jeans, but we ended up only having two foggy mornings and one rainy day during the whole trip. I do love a moody misty morning though…



Gal Meets Glam 'Sconset Nantucket



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Sankaty Head Lighthouse 'Sconset Nantucket


We spent our first day exploring the ‘Sconset area. It’s incredibly charming and just all around beautiful. The climbing roses are so perfect that they don’t even look real, and don’t even get me started on the colors of the hydrangeas! In the morning, Carly, Thomas and I walked out to Sankaty Head Lighthouse, which wasn’t far from the house. We took a long way home, checking out all of the homes in the neighborhood before heading back to the house to wait for the arrival of the rest of the crew.



Great Point Lighthouse Nantucket



Once we were all together, we headed into town to do some light shopping and grab a bite to eat. We stopped by Handlebar Cafe for some coffees, followed by a late lunch of lobster rolls at Cru. When I asked for recommendations for Nantucket on Instagram, pretty much every single person who wrote me had Cru on their list, so we knew it had to be good. We all ended up sharing a bunch of appetizers and snacks, since our dinner reservation wasn’t much later. But one of our favorite things to do when we’re in a new place for the first time is eat, so we weren’t going to pass up a meal!


Cru Nantucket Lobster Roll and Fries




For dinner that evening we went to Summerhouse, which is also in ‘Sconset. It was really nice having good options close to the house. We all got dressed up and headed out, only to wish that we would have brought more layers. It gets quite a bit colder in the evenings, even if it is hot during the day (very similar to SF!). After dinner every night, we would come back to the house, change into our pjs, pour ourselves an extra glass of wine and play Heads Up. I’ll never get tired of that game!




All four of us girls brought our Lake pajamas. They are seriously the softest pjs in the whole world. Get a pair and you’ll see! I think I have four pairs now. I love pajamas. Some of my favorite moments from Nantucket were spent right here on the front porch of the house. It was so quiet and peaceful. Carly and Thomas would grab muffins and coffee at Sconset Market every morning and we’d sit right here and enjoy them as the sun got warmer.


Great Point Lighthouse Nantucket

Great Point Lighthouse Nantucket Best Lighthouse in Nantucket


One of the reasons why we rented a Jeep for the week was so that we could drive it on the beach. I think we all agreed that this was all of our favorite day. It was so much fun! We made plans to have a beach day at Great Point Light, bringing a picnic lunch along with us. We picked up sandwiches from Claudette’s (they were so good that we went back multiple times) and filled coolers with snacks and drinks from Sconset Market. On our way out there, we had the windows down and music on loud, letting the wind whip through our hair as the Jeep bounced around in the sand. We picked a spot towards the end to set up our gear, making a very patriotic “camp”.



Great Point Beach Nantucket Offroad beach setup


Great Point Lighthouse Nantucket Beach Walk


What we thought would be a quick jaunt to the lighthouse, turned into a two hour excursion. It was much further than we had thought! By the time we got back, we were all chugging water and digging into the watermelon that was waiting for us in the cooler. It was definitely worth the trek though, as the beach is extraordinary and we saw a handful of seals along the way!


Great Point Lighthouse Nantucket
Watermelon At The Beach


Stay tuned for Part 2 coming on Thursday!

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