July 30

L’Escale du Ciel, France

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Look 1- Ambas Coverup (bought in France, similar here), Iodus Swimsuit (bought in France), Illesteva Sunglasses

Look 2- Samantha Sung Dress, K. Jacques Sandals, Cuyana Hat, Cult Gaia Bag

Look 3- Club Monaco Dress c/o (no longer available, similar here and here), Carolina Santo Domingo Bag (last seen here), Carrie Forbes Sandals (old, similar here), Hermes Scarf


After our week along the French Riviera, we ended our France trip with a peaceful two days at L’Escale du Ciel, a small bed and breakfast in the Alpes-Maritimes. This place is a hidden gem! The owner, Judith, opened it last year after she had dreamed of doing so for many years. She’s an interior designer from Germany, so her taste is impeccable, as you can see throughout the property. Right when we arrived, we felt a sense of calm. The buzz and noise from where we came was replaced with the serenity and quietness of being somewhere more remote, with 180 degree views of mountains and rolling hills. The dogs on the property were so sweet and followed us around the whole time. They wouldn’t leave our sides when we were by the pool or when we were taking pictures, so you’ll see them pop up quite a few times throughout the post!


L'Escale Du Ciel Bed and Breakfast France
L'Escale Du Ciel Bed and Breakfast France

L'Escale Du Ciel Bed and Breakfast France

L'Escale Du Ciel Bed and Breakfast France
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By the end of our long trip, one of the things we cherished the most was not having to rush around. We laid by the pool, made lunch after picking up food from the market, walked to dinner in town and sipped wine on the terrace as candles flickered in the evening light. We were both so glad we decided to end our trip this way!


We are always on the hunt for unique places to stay. This discovery aspect of travel keeps us excited every time we plan our next trip and when we actually go on it. The idea that we can stumble upon something great at any moment fuels us to keep exploring. Our favorite places to stay are the small boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts or vacation rentals- the places that have character and charm and make you feel as though you might be a local.


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The property is covered with wild flowers, olive trees, different fruit trees and more. In the summer heat, the smells of lavender and lemon wafted through the warm air while we laid out by the pool with the dogs. The humidity of the coast was gone and replaced with a dry heat that reminded us of summers back home in California. Every 30 minutes or so, we would jump back into the pool to cool off, which sounds pretty good right about now, too…


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After spending the morning and early afternoon poolside, we decided to get dressed and head into the nearby hilltop towns, Le Bar-sur-Loup and Gourdon, to pick up some stuff for lunch to make back at the house. We stopped by a few of the shops, picking up some souvenirs, like scented soaps and candy to bring back home.


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Back at the house, we prepped our lunch in the kitchen and set it up outside on the terrace. That’s one of the things we loved about staying at the b&b, Judith would prepare a beautiful breakfast in the morning for all the guests and then we could all use the kitchen to make lunches and dinners. Everyone (and by everyone, I mean the other two couples that were there) would be sitting around different areas of the property eating their meals. Judith would set up candles throughout, making it glow as the sun went down in the evening.


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We made a big salad with lots of vegetables and fresh lemon with olive oil, sliced up a sandwich from a local bakery and had a few cheeses to nibble on the side.


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On our last evening, we headed into town and ate at a wonderful restaurant called Bistro le Donjon, per recommendation of Judith. She said it was one of the best restaurants in the area and books up really quick, so she made a call and got us a table for two. We showered off that day’s sweat and sun and got dressed up for our last evening in France, and quite a lovely one! We kept trying to savor every last minute- watching the sun set before we left for dinner.


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