June 26

Sunset Picnic in Saint-Saturnin-lès-Apt

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Reformation Dress, Frye Flats, Market Backpack


Our first week in Provence was spent exploring the areas around the house we rented in Saint-Saturnin-lès-Apt. We would start almost every morning with breakfast at home, followed by a trip out to a nearby hilltop town. We’d keep venturing out during the day, seeing what else we could find- whether that be new villages, restaurants, shops, gardens or any other activity. Usually by the time we got back to the house in the evening, it would be dark and almost time for bed. With the sun setting after 9pm, we’d want to be out to savor every last bit of light over the countryside. One early evening we decided to grab a basket from the house, fill it with cheeses, bread and wine, and find a scenic spot to watch the sunset.






The house we rented was just outside of Saint-Saturnin-lès-Apt, so it was the easiest and closest village (besides Apt) to head into. It’s a quiet town with a morning and evening buzz of people, lots of charm and a very beautiful view of the valley. Thomas suggested we head back over and climb up to the medieval chateau that sits high up on a hilltop. It has a breathtaking, unobstructed view overlooking both the village and the surrounding area. There’s a gravel path the goes up to the top, and while it’s not a difficult one, I was definitely glad I worn closed toed shoes.






We found an area in between some olive trees and tall grass that was the perfect spot to stop and set up our spread. Pretty much every evening in France, we would have some bread, cheese and rosé we bought locally from the market. It’s honestly our favorite thing! This evening was really special because after shooting some pictures, we just sat there, watching the day coming to an end, the lights slowly turn on in all the houses across the village, with the pink sky glowing in front of us, and we stopped. It’s not that often that we stop. Everything can always feel so rushed. Once we’re done with one thing, we’re on to the next. Are we ever content with what we just did? Or are we always ready to jump ahead, get back home and back to our computers. This time we let ourselves be and we just talked and sat there in the still evening light. I can still feel the feeling that I had in that moment- a feeling of complete peace.






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