May 17

Shopping In Tulum

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Reformation Dress, Carrie Forbes Sandals (old, similar here and here), Kayu BagMapache by James Hat


Last Wednesday we flew to Mexico for a trip with American Express. We were down there for an incredible event with Noma that happened on Saturday and Sunday. Since we’d never been to Tulum before, we decided to fly down a few days earlier to get to experience more of the town. I’ve only ever heard wonderful things about Tulum and was excited to finally get the chance to visit. And I have to say, I finally understand why this is such favorite getaway for so many. Between the bright blue water, fantastic food, laid back atmosphere, cool hotels and abundance of activities from visiting Myan ruins, cenotes, fishing and amazing spas, it has a little bit of something for everyone. I’ll get into a lot more detail on where we stayed, ate and what we did, but before that, I’m jumping forward to one of my favorite days. While most people stay on the Tulum beach strip (where a majority of the hotels are), the actual town of Tulum is just a few minutes away. Pretty much everyone gets around by walking or bike, but there’s also plenty of taxis if you want a quicker route (or you don’t want to be drenched in sweat upon arrival at your destination).




Tulum city is a great way to spend a few hours, especially if you need an excuse to put something on other than a swimsuit. There’s one main stretch of shopping and restaurants that are pretty hard to miss. Everything is bright and colorful and each store seems small at first, but keeps going and going with more undiscovered treasures to be found. When we travel, walking into shops like these is one of our favorite things to do. While we mostly expect to find tourist junk, we make it a challenge to try and find special pieces. Something that really caught my eye was all of the great blue and white pottery. I thought about bringing a few of these tiles back with us as samples for our home but decided against it as sourcing more of the tiles might pose a problem, but I did bring back a few dishes and trays!





I wore this white linen Reformation dress that’s honestly the most wonderful piece for beating the summer heat. It was hot in Tulum, and not just that, there was almost 100% humidity. With that kind of heat, I decided to leave my makeup in my suitcase and let my hair do it’s own thing (or twist it up in a bun/braid it to keep it off my back). Along with that, I was so glad I brought a few linen dresses and tops with me as they’re so breathable and light for high temps. I can’t get enough of this one with it’s button down front and slightly off the shoulder top. I’m definitely planning on wearing it all throughout the end of spring and into summer, especially with our upcoming trip to France. Reformation also has a few other white linen dresses like this one, this one and this one that you’ll want to live in, too.





In Tulum, there are hammocks everywhere and most of the hotels have them all over their properties. Thomas and I decided it was the perfect place to pick one up for our backyard since we were on the hunt for a hammock. Now that we own a home, we are trying to accumulate mementos from our travels that we can incorporate into our decor. We think it’s so special to find things that we care about or that have unique value because they remind us of fond memories and all of the amazing places we’ve had the opportunity to visit. Sadly we ended up being so overwhelmed with the options that we left empty handed, but we did spend a good while searching through so many. Luckily we have some time before we’ll use it, so maybe on our next trip we can find the perfect one.









The one downside about being in town in the middle of the afternoon was there was no ocean breeze, aka it was hot! (Maybe you saw the IG Story of T sweating). The upside of being in town was that we walked past this delicious ice cream spot. I got a scoop of mango and a scoop of papaya, which was so incredibly delicious and refreshing. There’s nothing like a good ice cream cone on a hot day!









Contemplating between lunch in town or on the beach, we decided that the ocean was calling our name, so we took a taxi to have lunch at Nomade. It ended up being a great choice as there was a refreshing breeze and our friends happened to be sitting down for lunch at the same time, so we joined them and ordered lots and lots of fish tacos and chips and guac, which was pretty much what we ordered every day for lunch!

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