May 23

7 Products For Glowing Summer Skin

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Beauty Products:

Supergoop Sunscreen MousseFresh Sugar Sport TreatmentCaudalie Beauty ElixirFresh Rose Cleansing FoamOle Henricksen Truth On The Glow Cleansing ClothsSunday Riley CEO MoisturizerFarmacy Honey Potion (Wearing this top & these shorts)


During the summer, the best skincare products are those that moisturize, conceal, and illuminate. Not to mention, skincare products that won’t melt right off like the ice cream cone you’re holding in the heat. And an added perk is when UV protection is included in those products. With all of this in mind, I’ve rounded up my summer go-to products and methods to share the best skincare goods on the market this summer. Clean, fresh out of the shower skin is one of the best feelings, so that’s where we’re starting today, straight out of the shower with bare skin and damp hair…




After I cleanse my face in the morning and at night, the next step my beauty routine calls for is applying moisturizer. I switch moisturizers every few months, but one brand I continually go back to is Sunday Riley. Their CEO Moisturizer is perfect for all skin types and keeps your skin dewy, hydrated and glowing throughout the day. I have dry skin and this works wonders on keeping it moisturized. 






Often times when I am traveling, when I need a little pick-me-up or need to cleanse my face, I carry a small package of cleansing cloths in my purse. When I’m on-the-go, it is hard to find the time to cleanse my face with a foam or liquid cleanser, so I turn to cleansing cloths. Ole Henriksen Truth On The Glow Cleansing Cloths are one of my favorites (I’m also a big fan of their Truth Serum). This is a product I always like to have in my purse, because even mid-day I can use one to refresh. The citrus smell wakes me up after a long plane ride or day of traveling. The buildup of makeup even after only a couple of hours can have negative effects on the complexion, so it’s important to always have a cleanser on-hand.




Often times I use a mousse or a lotion for protecting my body from the sun, but when it comes to applying sunscreen to my lips and face, I prefer a stick with no-smear results and complete coverage. The Fresh brand is no stranger to GMG. I’m hooked on their sugar tinted lip treatment w spf, so when I saw their Fresh Sugar Sport Treatment when I was browsing beauty products, I knew I had to try it out. It goes on clear, and is great for quick applications throughout the day if you notice a particular area is starting to get a little more sun than other areas, such as the cheeks or nose. Thomas kept this on him at all times in Tulum and would whip it out immediately anytime he saw my face getting a little red.




The last thing you want to do when it is hot outside is apply sticky sunscreen. I’ve always sought sunscreen that will dry just as quickly and easily as the time it takes to apply. That’s the reason I love using the Supergoop Sunscreen Mousse. It dries quickly and leaves your skin feeling soft. Compared to a spray, which can easily miss spots or a lotion, which is more difficult to spread, this mousse is the happy medium and the easiest to use sunscreen. After my mom and I got bad burns last summer in Hawaii using a not-so-great sunscreen, we switched it up mid-trip using Supergoop and it saved our skin. We’re both big fans to say the least.




As I mentioned in this post, daily moisturizing leads to healthy and wrinkle-free skin. While maintaining a moisturized complexion is an essential skincare habit, cleansing your face every night after wearing makeup for many hours throughout the day is equally important. That’s why I look for products that can both cleanse and leave my skin moisturized. The Fresh Rose Cleansing Foam, amongst a host of Fresh products that I have entrusted my skin to over the years, is one of my favorites. You’ll look forward to cleansing your face with this foam and love the fresh fragrance of rosewater it leaves behind.





Aging and sun damage results in larger pores, but luckily there are certain products prepared to firm skin and thus make pores less noticeable. Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir has been a favorite of mine for years and has proven to tighten my skin. Caudalie has incredible products that always provide wonderful results. I spray the elixir onto my face after I apply my moisturizer and makeup to set my makeup for the day.




I love to treat my skin to a hydration mask a couple days a week. While this honey potion mask by Farmacy comes in an adorable little jar, it has a big impact on the skin. This is a new brand that I recently discovered and I’ve been really loving their products, especially this mask (and I’m all about a good mask a few times a week!). The warm feeling soothes your skin as you massage the honey potion on your face and you’ll notice a difference in your skin after only using this product two or three times!




If you apply these products, or similar ones, to your daily beauty routine, you will feel and see the results for healthier skin (as I did). Keep in mind the ‘why’ behind the products, instead of concentrating on the ‘what’. You may find better products for your specific skin type, but the impact of cleansing, moisturizing, hydrating, and protecting your skin is important and universal for all skin types. If you know you want the results cleansers and moisturizers provide, the first thing to do is analyze your beauty routine. The hardest part is altering your routine. Habits can only be changed by changing the routine. When I arrive home, the first thing I do is remove my makeup. My cue for cleansing my face is stepping back through my front door. At what point do you wash your face every night? If it’s normally a last-minute thought before you go to sleep (and therefore doesn’t happen regularly), try switching it up by making it the first thing you do when you get home and are still energized. By becoming more self-aware, we can improve our beauty regimen and take the best care of our skin for a long-lasting healthy complexion.


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