Interior Design Contributor Series: 13 Interior Design Books You’ll Want On Your Coffee Table

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Today we are pleased to introduce our interior designer, Olivia Mitchell Brock, as our Interior Design Contributor. Olivia is an amazing interior designer and preservationist here in Charleston. She founded Torrance Mitchell Designs in 2012 and runs an inspirational interior design blog, Lacquered Life. You can also follow her on Instagram, @lacqueredlife. Olivia uses her in-depth architectural and design expertise to peel back the often dilapidated  layers of a building, to reveal the heart of her canvas. She meticulously researches the origins to discover the character of the structure: what period it came from, trials it has endured, as well as its unique quirks and features. In summary, Olivia’s design practices are anchored in the roots. This allows her to explore ways to reinvigorate the intended life of the structure, while simultaneously incorporating desired theme and design inspiration from her clients. She is fascinated by the historical context surrounding the origins of buildings, and enjoys the thrill of delving into the past. Her keen eye for detail and relentless search for meaning are key to her craft. If you are looking for the perfect paint pallette, inspiration for a room makeover, or ideas on how to style like a pro, look no further. Olivia is eager to share her expert interior design tips and tricks with you!


Much like with our house, we’ve put our confidence in her to lead us through our Interior Design series. We asked her to pick some topics that she’s passionate about that she thinks you all with love. We now have a laundry list of great ideas that we are excited to get to. Towards the top of that list is today’s topic, Interior Design Coffee Table Books. Olivia can take it from here.








Want to know even more about Olivia? We did a fun Q&A with her on GMG Now. Click here.





From Olivia

We live in a digital age. We’ve converted our cds to MP3s, our photographs to jpegs, and our books to our Kindles. Gone are the days where we put on a record, took photos to be developed, or flipped through a book. As a preservationist, and all around lover of history, I mourn the loss of those days, and as a result, surround myself with tangible objects … like books. I was always a voracious reader, a hobby for which now I must confess I use a kindle, but as a designer and lover of all things aesthetically pleasing, I will not relinquish my design books. Instead, I hoard them; use them for decoration, or even as furniture – for these books are my friends, my allies, my co-workers – and I couldn’t bear to be parted from them. So for those of you looking for a little push, or even a shove, to go buy some coffee table books (for atop your table or as a table); here are thirteen books that I cannot live without.


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What are some of your favorite Coffee Table Books (Interior Design or Not)? We’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment and don’t forget to read our Q&A with Olivia.

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