January 18

Charleston In January

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Outfit Details:

RedValentino Dress (less expensive version here and here), J.Crew Jacket, Lanvin Bag c/o, Nicholas Kirkwood Flats


It took a few months, but last week we finally got a new 8 Eyes On the Pink Couch up on Snapchat (it’ll be posted on GMG Now later this week). One question that we kept seeing come through was “what are some of the things you love most about living in South Carolina now?”. Right off the bat, it’s the weather. We knew that moving out here would make us want to be a lot more active outside and so far, we’ve been right. We’ve spent so much more time outdoors – not just in our own space, but everywhere. We pretty much use any excuse to get outside, like walking to get coffee in the neighborhood in the morning, working out in the park, having lunch out in the sunshine, shopping on King Street or just exploring downtown. How did we go so long without having such consistently warm days?! It’s such a little thing, but one that’s been a big, positive change in our every day routine.






It was too gorgeous out last week to be stuck inside, but with lots of computer work recently, it was hard to get out before the sun set. We finally found a break and bee-lined to a new part of town that we hadn’t explored yet. I love that Charleston still has so much to offer and with each changing season, it becomes a different place. The holiday decor is no longer draping the historic houses, but with camellias and citrus in season, there seems to be something blooming around each corner. And with the spring-like weather, it was totally fine to be bare-legged in the middle of January.






This RedValentino bow neck dress has been in my closet for a while, but hadn’t made it up on the blog. There are so many every day looks that go unseen when we don’t have time to go out and shoot. I’ve been trying to brainstorm a few ways to be able to quickly snap and share, but I’m curious where you would want to see them…? Less about the photography and more about a quick way to share my every day outfit. This time around, I added this J.Crew polka dot jacket over my dress, but last time I just wore it simply by itself. And the last time I wore this jacket, I styled it with a black turtleneck, black mini skirt, black tights and knee-high black boots.



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