January 10

A Parisian Look

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Outfit Details:

APC Coat, Vince Turtleneck, J.Crew Jeans, Max Mara Scarf, Gucci Loafers, Mark Cross Bag, Beret (bought at a random shop in Paris, similar here)


If there’s one place I could visit over and over, it’s Paris. Every time we visit, it feels like a new experience, even if we’re going to the same neighborhoods. Our last trip was in the middle of summer, so quite different than the winter conditions we had this time around. But both are equally as beautiful. I hadn’t quite prepared for just how cold it was going to be (i.e. bare ankles), but it worked out as we used the excuse of being cold to pop into one too many shops for sweets, coffee or both.






This was actually the coldest day we had. It was New Year’s morning and we all let ourselves sleep in a bit after a long night out. There wasn’t much open for breakfast, but after walking a few blocks from the apartment, we found a boulangerie and got croissants to-go. Our initial plans of visiting Musée d’Orsay were derailed a bit when we arrived and saw about a million other people outside in line. Later we realized that The Louvre was closed on New Years, so we guessed that everyone decided on Musée d’Orsay, which would be closed the following day (Monday). So off we went on our back-up plan…





Regardless of how touristy it gets, I still love Montmartre- the windy cobblestone streets, the sprawling views of Paris, the quaint cafes and shops. The key is to seek out the least crowded spots and just stroll around. Although, without a doubt, there will be lots of people in Place du Tertre and Square Louise Michel, but both are areas to at least check out, with the later having the best views. With it being so cold out, we didn’t linger in one place too long and after a stop for some crepes and hot chestnuts, we were on to the next thing.





When we had gotten ready and left the apartment earlier that morning, I was wearing everything except the beret. When we were searching for breakfast just around the corner, I spotted a small shop with an array of berets, picked up the navy one, paid my 8 euros for it and left the store with it happily on my head. Sometimes things just feel like they were meant to be!




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