November 4

Twenty Six

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Demylee Sweater, J.Crew Jeans, Schutz Flats, Celine Bag, Bobbi Brown Lipstick in “Red”, Zanzan Sunglasses


Today is my twenty-sixth birthday! And what a year this has been. Looking back, this time last year, I never thought we would be where we are now. We’d never even been to Charleston before and were still on the fence about where we wanted to settle down and what our plan would be. But I’m so glad this past year has led us to where we are now. A lot can change in a year- I think I’ve said this time and time again with each passing one. So today, I’m celebrating all of these changes, with life and age, in our new city, in our new home with some new friends!






I’m so thankful for all these new changes but I’m also incredibly thankful for all of you. I’m continually inspired and touched by the kindness and thoughtfulness that I see through readers here on GMG. From emails with early birthday wishes and random notes of support, to snapchat conversations that brighten my every day to Instagram comments that make me laugh out loud and allow me to see little glimpses into your lives. It honestly means the world to me and it never goes unnoticed. I only wish that I could meet every single one of you and thank you in person for following along this crazy journey that I started when I was 20!







My birthday wish is to encourage those of you who have ever wanted to start something- whether that be a new hobby, a business, a relationship or whatever- and just do it! Take a small step today and walk towards that goal that you’ve been dreaming of. Dreams are made into reality when you remove fear from the equation and allow yourself to believe. Just start somewhere. I never would be where I am today if I hadn’t acted on my instinct to want to create this little corner of the internet back in 2011. I didn’t think twice, or worry about if everything I was doing was perfect, or what my goals with it would be. Those things all come over time, but the initial action and passion are what’s most important. I hope that you’ll be able to find the courage to do that, too!




And with that, I wish you guys a wonderful weekend! I know I’ll be celebrating my birthday until the very end of the week (I fully believe in birthday weeks!) with lots of cocktails and good food and trips to the beach. xx

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