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July 12

A Few New Beauty Favorites

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Sisley-Paris Black Rose Cream MaskSisley-Paris Black Rose Precious FaceSisley-Paris Phyto-Lip Twist in Cherry (#6)Pink Silk Pajamas


I’ve been on a bit of a skincare kick lately, even more than normal. With traveling, my health can get a little out of whack, I fall behind on eating healthy, my workout schedule and my skincare routine. So, when I get back home, it’s all about whipping my life back in shape. We’ve worked out almost everyday this past week and we’ve cooked a bunch of meals at home and last but not least, we’ve been pampering our skin. We’ve tried out a bunch of different products over the past few weeks, including one brand in particular that I’d been dying to try. I’d heard great things about Sisley-Paris but never tested them so I picked up some of their top sellers and put them to the test.





First up to try was this Sisley-Paris Black Rose Cream Mask. I love masks, especially ones I can leave on or sleep in. This one has a super creamy, thick texture that feels so soothing upon application. Before trying out the products, I did a bit of research to learn more about the brand. I love that the whole idea behind creating the line, back in the late 70s, was to create beauty products using plants and essential oils. This particular mask is filled with anti-aging ingredients like black rose, padina pavonica, and alkekengi calyx extracts. Its main purpose is to rejuvenate the skin, fight signs of fatigue and give it that extra hydration that results in the “my skin feels so great I’m never wearing makeup again” feeling (it’s also scented with rose and smells amazing!). I’ve used it a handful of times over the past few weeks, switching it up between applying before bed and using in the morning. It’s definitely a combination of taking care of both my insides (water, healthy food, exercise) and outsides, but my skin has been looking and feeling better than ever. Stay tuned as I continue to use it…






Next up was the Sisley-Paris Black Rose Precious Face anti aging oil. My natural reaction to putting oil on my face was an immediate “no”, until I actually tried it a few years ago. Oils are super moisturizing and packed with antioxidants (if they’re botanical oils) and leave your skin incredibly silky and glowing. As we get older, we actually lose some of the oils in our skin, so replenishing them is important for keeping our skin youthful and looking its best. This one in particular is good for dry skin (mine!), which is something that gets worse for me in the warmer months. You can see in the above picture that it instantly gives your skin a glowing effect!





Lastly, I’m never one to pass up a new lip color to try out, so I was game for trying the Sisley-Paris Phyto-Lip Twist in Cherry (#6). Even better, it’s actually a tinted lip balm, which I’m all about! I use tinted lip balms on the daily since they never dry out or leave that awkward lip-liner look in the middle of the day (or right after lunch). They’re also just a lot more natural looking in person. Not to hate on lipstick, but sometimes it can feel a bit “much” in broad daylight. This cherry-red color was the only shade I bought but I’m going back for the “Berry” shade soon.




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