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June 15

Summer In Ireland

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Jumping forward a few days, we made our way up to Northern Ireland. Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge is bound to show up as a suggested place to visit when looking for things to do in Northern Ireland. We added it to our list, knowing only of it’s location and beauty. As we started to approach on the walk in, we started to wonder why a random rope bridge would be built out to a little island along the coastline. After reading some material we learned the significance of the island for local fishing purposes. As it turns out Salmon Fisherman constructed the bridge in 1755 so that they could cross over to the island which offered them easy access to water that was filled with salmon. Years of declining rates of fish catching led to the eventual discontinuation of fishing in these waters in 2002.








If there’s one thing for certain, Ireland has some of the most gorgeous coastline we’ve come across. It’s a 1km walk between the closest parking lot and the rope bridge, a beautiful walk along the coast. Eventually, you make your way up a hill and then down to the rope bridge. Of the two of us, Thomas is way more scared of heights than I am. We both crossed with ease. It wasn’t scary crossing the bridge but the only thing that made me a little nervous was when someone else walked on the bridge, the whole thing would bounce. Once safely across we were greeted with even more beautiful views along the coast.







If I’m going to recommend any packing tips for Ireland, it would be layers, layers, layers. Every day was different and the climate and weather would change throughout the day depending on where we were. The coastlines were a bit cooler with a crisp breeze while walking through the little towns would get a bit warm. I love this J.Crew Safari Shirt Jacket for summer because it’s the perfect loose layer over a simple tank and jeans or even a cotton dress. I wore it with thisJ.Crew Ruffle-Hem Silk Top In Gingham and jeans paired with my Hunter boots and this J.Crew Surfside Canvas Tote In Stripe, also from J.Crew. A few other pieces that would be great for summer travel layers include this J.Crew yellow anorak or this field jacket, this eyelet ruffle hem top or this seersucker crop top as well as these gingham cotton shorts or this linen midi skirt. After learning from our previous trips to the cliffs, my hair was much better up in a top knot!







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