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April 13

Packing Organization

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Packing used to completely overwhelm me. That was before I traveled often. Over the years, I’ve come up with a better strategy and system that has helped me stay organized and on top of things and not leave anything I need behind. I *hardly* ever leave packing to the last minute, unless it’s a quick weekend getaway. If we’re traveling abroad, like we are at the end of the week, I start laying things out and making lists about a week ahead of time.





One of the best ways I’ve stayed organized is by using TRUFFLE clutches and pouches to keep all of my things separated and in order. I use a small Clarity Pouch for random accessories like sunglasses, nail polish and earrings, my large Clarity Pouch for items I need quick access to like my iPad, passport and credit cards and my large Clarity clutch for all of my skincare products. I love that they’re transparent, so I can see exactly what I need, but they’re still chic and sleek enough to use outside of hiding in a bag.






For me, outfit planning is the easy part. It’s figuring out all of the little details like beauty products, tech items, accessories, books, passports, tickets and more that make me anxious when packing. When I’m heading so far away from home, I want to make sure I’m fully prepared. I used to use two old shoe bags and stuff all of my beauty supplies in one and sunglasses and jewelry in the other. I quickly learned that that was a terrible solution and I could never find anything. I love anything that makes the whole process of staying organized that much simpler and easy, which is why I started using TRUFFLE pouches and clutches for all of traveling needs.





I often get asked what I use as my two carryon bags. I have one small rolling suitcase (that fits the TSA dimensions) and one tote that I use as my personal item. I fill my tote with my handbag, headphones, my TRUFFLE Clarity Pouch that’s filled with my passport, iPad and credit cards, my TRUFFLEClarity Clutch that has my camera/tech gear like my backup charger and hard drive along with my mini TRUFFLE Clarity Clutch that has my lip balm, band aids, hair ties and bobby pins. If I’m bringing a hat, I’ll stuff a scarf in the body to keep the shape and then place it at the top of my tote.







And we’re off! Let me know what other travel related questions you might have and I’ll be sure to cover it here or over on GMG Now.


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