January 20

Navy Lace Dress

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Outfit Details:

Self Portrait Dress (more sizes available here), Chloe Pumps, BaubleBar x GMG Studs, Prada Bag


I can remember being in 2nd grade and picking out my dress for school pictures. Getting a new dress was a big deal and one I didn’t take lightly. Even at a young age, I loved all things girly and had a pretty decisive eye for what I liked (my mom likes to remind me of this- often my choices were questionable). I remember that dress so vividly though, I fell in love with it the moment I saw it at a little children’s boutique (which was also where I got my hair cut). I begged my mom for it and finally she caved in, saying I could get it for school pictures. It was a (almost?) maxi dress, with buttons all down the front, beige and white gingham with a doily-like collar. I’m not sure what seven year old would be drawn to a dress like this, (my teacher ended up having an eerily similar dress) but I absolutely adored that thing and treasured it so much, wearing it as much as I could.





Maybe that was the start of my love for dresses. It’s definitely one of the earlier memories I have about fashion and expressing myself through my style. I would say that my style got worse (?) overtime as I cared more about fitting in than I did about wearing things actually liked. It’s funny, because I think I became the most comfortable with my style once I started my blog. I used to be so worried about being dressed in what was “cool”, not wanting to stick out, losing my own sense of self and style. After creating Gal Meets Glam, I started to feel more confident in my choices and was proud of my girly style!







Fashion is so wonderful because it’s such a personal experience. My life does not revolve around it (I could easily part with every item in my wardrobe if need be), but I find joy in creating looks that express how I feel on the inside! So what are some things that inspire me? I love watching old movies, looking at vintage magazine editorials and people watching when we’re traveling. I love anything ladylike and feminine. Just like I did when I was young, I fall head over heels for a beautiful dress. They have always been and will always be my favorite thing to wear.






This navy lace beauty is my favorite style to wear- fitted at the waist, falling just below the knee with a short sleeve and delicate fabric. Self Portrait makes some of the most beautiful dresses. I also have this one last seen in this post.

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