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July 8

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Indie Lee Rosehip Cleanser/ DDF Moisturizer/ GLAMGLOW Youthmud/ DDF Erase Eye Gel/ Lalicious Lip ButterPlum Pretty Sugar Robe


It has been way too long since my last beauty post! Now that we’ve been home for a little bit now, I’ve had time to get back to my usual beauty routine. I try to pack my beauty bag pretty light while traveling, so I don’t get to test out or switch up my routine as much as I like to. When I’m home, my routine varies every morning and night depending on what my skin is telling me it needs that day- a thicker moisturizer, an overnight serum, a deep cleansing mask or an eye treatment. I have a few new products as well as old favorites that are at the top of my beauty loves right now…




Good skin starts from within and Thomas and I both try and stick to clean, healthy eating as much as possible. It’s definitely more difficult while traveling since we’re tempted by local cuisines and eating out, so it feels good to get home and cook simple, whole foods. I’ve been drinking more water each day by simply adding a bit of fruit or mint to my water bottle. We also both love David’s tea and stock up on our favorites to have at home as well as on the road. My two faves are “The Glow” and “Forever Nuts” (it tastes like banana nut bread).





Staying hydrated throughout the day is probably one of the best things you can do for your skin (aside from getting a good night’s sleep). I can always tell when I’m not drinking enough water because my lips get really dry and start peeling. I love this Lalicous Sugar Kiss Lip Butter that’s a blend of shea butter and soy to leave your lips feeling extra soft and nourished.





I’ve been a fan of DDF products for a long time (I used their Salicylic face wash for years) and just recently picked up the Daily Protective Moisturizer with SPF. I usually have a handful of moisturizers in my beauty cabinet at all times, especially since I go through them fairly quickly with my dry skin. An esthetician turned me onto their products back when I was in college and I love how light and smooth this one feels (not oily or too thick). Along with the moisturizer, I started using their Erase Eye Gel to target my dark circles. A good eye cream or gel is a must while traveling!

I also had been wanting to try out Indie Lee’s skincare line and purchased the Rosehip Cleanser, which I’m loving so far, especially when used with my Clarisonic. It’s gentle enough for sensitive skin and smells amazing.





I’ve mentioned GLAMGLOW’s Youthmud Mask on the blog before but I’ll sing its praises again. If I’m seeing any sort of breakout or need a skin boost, I use this mask. I referred so many family and friends onto it and they’re hooked. I’m also trying to share more of my day to day beauty products on my snapchat (@galmeetsglam) since it’s the easiest way to share daily beauty info!

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