January 27

St. Lucia

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Warning: Picture overload! St. Lucia is just too photogenic and this is my narrowed down version. A lot of our time traveling is spent taking pictures and figuring out where to go/what to see and do to come back here and it share it with you guys! Like I said in my previous post, this was my first time to St. Lucia and the Caribbean in general. I had an idea of what to expect (I knew it would be lush and green and beautiful) but it really blows you away in person. No picture does it justice!

We picked out our hotel, Ladera, not only because it’s beautiful but it easily has the best view of the Pitons, overlooks the Caribbean Sea and is also the only hotel situated on the UNESCO World Heritage site. Each room has only three walls, its own pool and a spectacular view of the Pitons. Waking up to that view is something I’ll never forget! All of the furniture and accessories (do you see that beautiful wood?) are crafted by local artisans or made on the property at their own wood shop. We could have easily spent our entire time on the Ladera property, but we went out each day to explore what St. Lucia has to offer.

Things to do and see:

Go to the Botanical Garden where you can walk around the six acres of plants and tropical flowers.

Mineral Bath (within the Botanical Garden)- Make sure to do this earlier in the day because the water gets really dirty throughout the day from all the tourists coming through. By the time we got there are 1pm, we decided to skip it and kept walking to the waterfall.

Diamond Waterfall (within the Botanical Garden as well)- it’s definitely worth a photo, although you can’t swim in this particular waterfall.

Toraille Waterfall- This is a waterfall that you can actually swim in. Unlike most of the waterfalls that I’ve been in, this one wasn’t freezing and felt amazing after spending an extra hot day outside exploring.

Hike the Gros Piton- Get a guide that will take you to the top, it normally takes two hours up and two hours down. I’m not gonna lie, it was a tough hike, but definitely worth the view at the end. (ps it only took us 3 hours!)

Sulphur Springs Park- It’s the Caribbean’s only drive-in volcano. Here you can take a tour of the springs to learn some history of the volcano or head back down the road and take a mud bath in some of the cooler springs. The mud is said to be good for your skin and having healing properties from the Sulphur- all I can say is that my skin felt incredibly soft and buttery after.

As you’re driving through, look out for banana and cocoa plantations, as these are the two biggest crops grown in the country.

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