Holiday Gift Guide

December 13

Holiday Gift Guide: The Kitchen

Wooden Cookbook Stand/ Heart Mug/ 2 Piece Bar Set/ Cocktail Shaker/ Cheese Board & Spread/ Serveware/ Apron/ ‘Happy House’ Towel/ Bow Wine Stopper/ ‘Vintage Cocktails’ Book/ Bowls/ Decanter/ Stir Sticks/ Wine Rack/ Copper Pitcher/ Salt & Pepper Mill Set/ Tumbler/ Hot Chocolate/ Pie Dish

Happy Friday everyone! This is our last weekend in San Francisco before we leave for our holiday trip next Saturday. Needless to say, we have so many things to do this weekend/get done before we leave. This week finally started to feel like the holidays after going ice skating with girlfriends, my husband’s holiday work party last night and drinking way too much hot chocolate all week.

Today’s ‘Holiday Gift Guide’ is for those of you that love to cook or know someone else who does. They’re perfect gifts for mom, grandma or even your husband if he enjoys cooking which in my case, he does. You can shop all of my kitchen picks here…

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