April 17

Five Things

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I was tagged a few weeks ago by Amanda and Victoria to share five things about myself that you guys probably didn’t know through reading my blog. I’m finally getting around to sharing it, so here they are:

1. I really, really really wish I could sing, but unfortunately I have no such talented. I actually have a pretty terrible voice, but this does not hold me back from singing! Somehow though, I had a solo in the 5th grade Christmas show. Still wondering what they were thinking?

2. I hate being by myself, which is funny because I work from home. I’ve always admired people that could go to the movies, dinner and even travel by themselves! I’m always the one asking a friend to go to lunch, dragging Thomas to go shopping with me or finding reasons to bring someone with me to an event, etc. I’ve always looked up to my older sister (who lives in Hawaii) and her ability to travel abroad without knowing anyone and meet people along the way. She’s much more of a free spirit than I am, but I’m hoping to force myself to get out of my comfort zone.

3. I have a crazy fear of worms and snails. Just the thought of them typing this gives me the chills. I also really hate when people step on snails…I start to gag.

4. I’m not domestic AT ALL. Thomas always makes fun of me because he’s really good at all of the domestic duties- cooking, cleaning, doing laundry. etc. For example: I recently shrunk three of his shirts, lit myself on fire making oatmeal and accidentally added the greens from carrots (thinking it was cilantro) to our chile.

5. I’de say 80% off the time when I meet someone, they think my name is Juliette. I guess it’s the way I pronounce the end of “Julia”? I’ve never really figured it out. I usually just nod and go with it because it takes 3+ tries saying “JULI-UH” “No, not Julie” “JULI-UHH”.



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