February 6

Baking + Getting Green In The Kitchen

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On Super Bowl Sunday, Thomas and I couldn’t decide between making brownies or cookies, so we decided to mix the two and make blondies. Blondies are one of my favorite treats because they are the best of both worlds. We whipped these up in a matter of minutes and couldn’t put them down. They were dangerously delicious and addicting. We followed this recipe from America’s Test Kitchen (one of our favorite recipe books) but cut the recipe in half since there was only two of us.

While we love our little apartment and finally being able to cook in a kitchen of our own, having no laundry machine or dishwasher is just something that we have to deal with. San Francisco has a very green culture and we have picked up some of the green habits like recycling and the occasional composting. With Green products popping up everywhere like Green Skincare and Green Clothing, Green cleaning was probably the least crazy way to become more environmentally friendly.

We enjoy the Farmer’s Market just like anyone else but sometimes we can’t help but laugh by some of the questions and comments that you overhear walking from booth to booth. We have never tried to keep up with the people that think they can single-handedly patch the ozone, but we can make baby steps by using better products. By the look of most green cleaning products on the store shelves none of them appeared like they would do the job. We decided to try out Clorox Green Works because we could trust that the product would be equal parts Green and equal parts Clean.

So, when decided to make these Blondies for the Super Bowl, amongst other foods like Bratwurst, Salsa, and Guacamole we knew that the Green Works dish cleaner could handle the stack of dirty dishes. I wish I could say the same thing about our dishrack! You can watch this short Youtube video by Clorox about “The Green Housewives”- It’s pretty funny because we have actually overheard some similar things before.

This post is sponsored by Green Works®. You don’t have to compromise to be clean when you use hard working, plant-based cleaners powered by The Clorox Company.


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