May 29

Summer Hats and Sunglasses

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Gal Meets Glam Dress, Bow Hat

Any time I leave the house during spring and summer, I have one of two accessories with me, if not both: a pair of sunglasses and a hat. Of course, a big reason for that is to protect my eyes and face from the sun, but coming in at a close second is how much I love completing an outfit with these pieces. They add style and personality to any look and always feel like just the right finishing touch, whether I’m biking to the coffee shop, strolling on the beach, or running errands downtown.

When shopping for sunglasses, I’m always drawn to vintage-inspired silhouettes, like the classic cat-eye. In the winter, I tend to opt for neutral and tortoise frames, but as soon as the weather warms up, I can’t get enough color in my sunglasses collection. From peachy pink to pastel blue and soft lavender to sunny yellow, there are so many options to choose from, all of which have a slightly different vibe. I love using sunglasses to create unique color combinations with my summer outfits or to draw attention to one color from a printed piece (this fun look I wore in Mexico last year, featuring my favorite pink sunglasses, is a perfect example).

I’ve made a habit of keeping my sun hats close to the front door so that I remember to wear them more often. We actually just hung a bunch of my hats on the wall, so now, it’s impossible for me to miss them! While there is no shortage of fun hat colors and styles available, I tend to stick to neutral straw options, since they have such an irresistibly timeless feel. This wide-rimmed hat from Madewell and this elegant style from Eugenia Kim have especially caught my eye recently. If you’re in the market for the ultimate classic hat to wear anywhere, this packable style, which is probably my most-used sun hat, is under $60! Take a look below to find more of my favorite hats and sunglasses for this summer at a variety of price points.

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