March 25

The Sunday Series Vol. 16

I woke up this morning to the rain beating on the roof and birds quietly chirping outside. The two signs that spring is here. I didn’t want to get out of bed because we were so cozy, but Thomas motivated me to get up and dressed and head to our Orange Theory workout at 7. We’re off to NYC first thing tomorrow morning for a crazy few days for the Collection, so we’re trying to fit in as much as we can this Sunday. My family’s been in town celebrating my little sister’s Recognition Day at The Citadel and it’s been wonderful to spend so much time with them. Sometimes a busy, productive Sunday feels just as good as a lazy one. However you’re spending yours, I hope it’s a good one! We’re back again sharing what’s inspired or caught the attention of our team this week, which ranges from a new art collection, beauty products that work, a book recommendation and a new tool that’s helpful for staying organized.


Julia – The week before last, I was invited to a dinner for Blakely Little, a local Charleston artist, celebrating her new “The Color of Home” Collection. Sadly we were in Savannah shooting our May Gal Meets Glam Collection, so I had to miss the dinner and her show the following evening. The night before her show, I was browsing her site looking at the sneak peeks of the series and stumbled upon a piece that I immediately fell in love with. I showed it to Thomas, who also agreed that he liked it. I then emailed Blakely asking if I could buy it before her show the next day, where I knew it would sell. Luckily the piece was available and I was able to snag it up in the nick of time. I’ve been following Blakely’s art for a while after Margaret introduced me to her work and I’m so excited to finally have a piece by her to hang in our home. With our move-in date just a week away, it has me even more excited. Head on over to Blakely’s site to check out her new series or follow her beautiful IG account for a dose of color to brighten your day!


Thomas – In today’s modern business world there are so many great tools to help us become more productive, both individually and as teams. While I’m the guy on Product Hunt everyday looking for the coolest newest thing, 80% of the things I try, I test for a few minutes and then I abandon. Another 15% of those don’t make it past a week, so that leaves about 1 in 20 that I actually adopt.  I know that even if I love it, most of these things aren’t magnitudes better than our current solution for doing that similar function, so the switching costs are too high to justify. And even if they are incredible they probably aren’t easy and intuitive enough for teams to adopt them. Some of the gamechangers that have risen above the rest are:


Google Drive– I don’t know how teams could still not be using Google Docs, Sheets and Slides.

Slack– Makes team communication so easy it’s almost too easy

Shift– Eliminate having a million tabs open for everyday apps like email, calendar and Google Drive. Also incredible if you have multiple email accounts because you don’t have to worry about logging in and out constantly.

Trello– Visually appealing, extremely customizable organization with drag and drop. Great for project management.


I recently started using something new that has blown me away. A few weeks back, after my Sunday Series about Product Hunt, Victoria McGinley, a friend from our time living in San Francisco reached out with a new recommendation. It turns out she’s equally as obsessed with these apps as I am. After a long discussion nerding out about productivity apps, she asked me if I had tested Airtable. At first glance, Airtable looks like a spreadsheet because that’s the core of it. But in reality it’s a database that’s easy enough to work with that anyone can use it. In only a week it’s made a significant positive impact already. One example was it was so effective that it took a process that normally would have been 60-90 minutes of manual work and instead took me 5 minutes. From that moment I was hooked.


I’ve been telling everyone I know about Airtable for the last week, and what I’ve realized is that no amount of explaining does it justice. It’s one of those things you have to see for yourself and have a reason to use. So I’ll save you at least 500 words in me explaining it and I’ll tell you instead of ways of how we are using it for our business as well as ways you can apply it to your regular life.


Uses for Gal Meets Glam:


Content calendar- With posts on our blog, Quick Reads, Daily Looks, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Twitter and Facebook it helps us organize and collaborate on all of it. The calendar view is especially helpful here.

Travel Itineraries- This is super helpful, I’ve built itineraries in spreadsheets for years but having the ability to add in a calendar view or timeline block or even a map block makes it indispensable.

Photoshoot planning- We are currently using it to plan all of our GMG Collection shoots.

GMG Collection dress manufacturing- This has been very helpful when making important decision about each dress that we design. The ability to bring in images of the dresses into the view along with important data like style number, quantity produced, price and cost info has been a gamechanger.

Applicant Tracking for upcoming GMG positions- We will be opening up new positions at Gal Meets Glam soon and we will be using the Airtable forms for accepting applications and tracking the process of each applicant. Look out for those announcements.


You might not have a business purpose for using Airtable so I thought I’d also list some common things from life that Airtable can help you with. What’s really cool is that Airtable has something they call “Universe” where people can publish their own templates that they’ve built. I can imagine this becoming an amazing resource as more and more templates continue to be published. Here are few:

Travel Itineraries

Shopping Lists

Personal Finances

Wedding Planning

Wardrobe management


Laura –  Here to tell you that Glossier solution is worth the hype. I purchased mine 2 days after the launch. It was the customer “before & after” photos that really sold it for me. Last year I experienced many more acne breakouts than normal. I tried to change up different things to my skincare routine and diet to help. Changes to both areas really minimized the amount of breakouts – I cut down on dairy and processed/added sugar consumption and for my skincare I started using a mixture of 100% pure jojoba oil mixed with equal parts organic aloe vera gel. I use that combination in the morning and evening as my moisturizer and it has worked wonders for my skin. It completely balanced out my complexion and I began breaking out way less. It’s also super cost efficient as both bottles last a really long time. The reason why it works is because jojoba oil mimics the sebum our skin already secretes, so when using this oil it tricks your skin into thinking you’re already producing enough sebum, therefore, you experience a decrease in clogged pores. It’s important to mix it with the aloe vera gel because aloe has excellent healing effects and it breaks up the oiliness of the jojoba. While that helps take care of breakout prevention, what about the scarring? Glossier has the solution, literally. I started using this toner (in the evening only) 2x/week at first to ease my skin into it, then after 4 weeks I applied it every other night. I haven’t graduated to a nightly use of it yet but even with 2-months of this sprinkled into my routine I’ve seen a major difference in my skin’s texture and reduced scarring! I will add too that I also used a Vitamin C serum to help eliminate scarring as well. Here’s the routine I use in the evening: face wash, Glossier solution, Vitamin C serum, 100% pure jojoba oil + aloe vera gel, and a finishing spritz of rosewater before bed. For the morning: face wash, toner, Vitamin C serum, pure jojoba oil + aloe vera gel, and an SPF moisturizer. SPF is super important year round for the face, especially if you currently have acne scarring so you have extra skin protection to let those scars heal!


MargaretHave you read Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Anne Fowler? I recently picked it up and could not put it down. I was captured by Fowler’s take on the life and marriage of Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald. After a bit of time spent looking at press reviews, I found I am not the only one taken by Zelda’s character. Beyond countless articles about the “first American flapper,” Jeni of Jeni’s Ice Cream created a limited edition Zelda Collection of assorted ice cream in 2013 and Amazon released a version of the whirlwind romance, inspired by Z, in its series, Z: The Beginning of Everything. Fowler’s extensive research, crisp writing, and imagination make this biographical fiction work, so I look forward to reading her new novel, A Well-Behaved Woman, come October 16th.

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