The Sunday Series Vol. 15

We’re back again this Sunday with a fresh list of favorites to kickstart Monday tomorrow. While we started last week in NYC, we ended it back home and in the office, prepping for our next GMG Collection shoot that’s happening next week! The days are flying by and we’re now only a week away from the first official day of spring. So much to look forward to, but in the meantime here’s a look back on our team’s favorites from this past week…


Julia  Last week I shared some of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow on my IG stories, with one of those people being Kiana Underwood from Tulipina. Kiana is an incredibly talented floral designer that I’ve been following for a few years now. Her talent goes far beyond creating pretty floral arrangements though, she takes it to a whole new level with scenes like this, this and this. I’m particularly drawn to her work not only for her abundant use of color, but the way she makes all of her arrangements look so effortless and free. Kiana just launched her first book, Color Me Floral, which I just posted about on my Instagram. I’ve loved flowers since I was a little girl, but aside from putting together arrangements based around the flowers I’m familiar with and like, I don’t know much else. That’s one of the reasons why I love her book so much, she breaks down her process into step by step instructions to teach the reader how to create something similar. She also shares what flowers she uses for each season, along with color palettes to be inspired by. I spent some time yesterday going through it and I wanted to head to our local flower wholesaler stat! I highly recommend picking up the book if you’re looking to learn more about floral design (it also makes for a beautiful coffee table book).


Thomas – When we were in LA for Julia’s speaking engagement at Create & Cultivate we attended a dinner the night before for all of the speakers. We sat with some old blogging friends and it was great to catch up. One of those was Lauryn Evarts that runs the blog, The Skinny Confidential. You may know that in addition to her blogging she also has a weekly podcast that she hosts with her husband, Michael Bosstick. I hadn’t yet listened to their podcast but had heard good things. Naturally, we started talking about our favorite podcasts and the business of podcasting. Out of curiosity I downloaded one of their episodes before our flight from LA to NYC and the rest is history. Since then we’ve been listening to episode after episode in the car and I couldn’t recommend it enough. So why should you add this to your list of podcasts to listen to?


Michael and Lauryn consistently book incredible guests and I’m sure that’s by no accident. I imagine they spend a lot of time and effort planning and booking their interviews. The work doesn’t end there, even the guests with the most impressive resumes might not lead to the best interview, that’s why the interviewer matters. They are very well prepared for each episode, having studied up on the guest and their businesses. Even the best prepared set of questions isn’t enough, Lauryn and Michael are smart, quick and well read (Michael’s suggested business book reading list puts mine to shame) so they can easily adjust the interview. They dive deeper on a particular topic that’s engaging or change topics to keep the pace going. Being someone that runs a business with my wife, I also appreciate the partnership that they have together, both on air and with building their business. Have a listen and let us know what you think!


Laura – I recently discovered a new brand that actually is all about no brand names. Brandless is a company that sells food and household products at a low cost of $3 for everything on their site. Their mission is all about complete transparency to cut out the BrandTax™ and markups of popular national brands you find in your standard big name store without cutting down on the quality. When you set up an account your BrandTax™ will be calculated on your page for you to see your total savings on a quarterly basis. On the site you can find products that are Certified Organic, Non GMO, Gluten Free, and much more. There are even vitamins and supplements available for $3 per bottle, which you probably already know vitamins can typically be very expensive! A few items I’ve tried and loved thus far: Thai Peanut Sauce, Organic Fruit Tea (the blueberry green tea is the best if your blueberry obsession is anywhere equivalent to mine), and this body scrub (left my skin feeling incredibly smooth). For free shipping anytime you can sign up for a membership for $36/year, which is such a great deal, and you will consistently be filling your pantry with all the essentials inexpensively whenever you need it! Have you tried anything from Brandless before? If so, let me know your favorites so I can add them to my cart in my next order!


Margaret – I’ve always been drawn to the romantic, whimsical, and ethereal in styling and design. When I come across artists, creative directors, and stylists who capture this aesthetic, I quickly jot their name down or save their work. Often this sort of styling comes down to the choice in material. Frou Frou Chic is a source for the material that makes the magic come to life. Handmade silk ribbons in a variety of textures such as crinkle, chiffon, and gauze are dyed in beautiful, subtle tones. From ribbons to crinkle table runners and bouquet collections, these silk bundles lead to endless styling opportunities and set a curated arrangement apart. Frou Frou Chic is co-owned by Ginny Au, who’s work I adore. If you’re looking for ways to enhance your wedding bouquet, invitation suite, or styled shoot, look no further.

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