The Sunday Series

February 4

The Sunday Series Vol. 12

I can’t tell if this week flew by or seemed to go on for forever, but I’m sure glad it’s Sunday. We’re spending this rainy day prepping for our studio shoot for Gal Meets Glam Collection next week as well as location scouting for our editorial shoot in a few weeks! Some Sundays we love to take it easy, others are packed with to-do lists before a busy week ahead. But we’re back here today to share some inspiration from this past week and hope you join in on the comments afterwards to share something new you discovered, too!


Julia– One of my favorite things about Instagram is discovery. I love discovering new people who are doing unique and creative things, whether they have a blog, are an artist, a photographer, interior designer or have their own brand. I recently found Nicola Bathie, a interior designer and jewelry designer. Her nursery for her daughter is what caught my eye, but seeing her jewelry is what brought me to quickly search for her site. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, aside from the rings I always have on and the diamond studs Thomas gave me. I keep it pretty simple. But, I do love an amazing pair of statement earrings. Nicola’s pieces are so unique and beautiful, with lots of different textures, colors and details. Her ‘hydrangeas’ are some of my personal favorites, along with the ‘tutu’ collection. Head on over to her site to see more of her gorgeous pieces and snag a pair for yourself before they’re gone!


ThomasI originally wrote a much longer version of this but I decided to skip the Marketing lecture. In most parts of my life I’d consider myself an early adopter. Naturally, most people aren’t like me, they avoid change like the plague and when they do make change, they expect a noticeable impact to be made on their life. If an early adopter tries something new, we do it with an understanding that it could totally suck and if it does, we move onto the next thing. As early adopters we feast on news and anything that can accelerate discovery of the new. I think we do it partially for the rush, for the hopes and dreams that the next new product, service or idea can make a fundamental improvement on our life. It’s also rewarding to be able to share our major discoveries with everyone else.


That’s why I love Product Hunt, a mostly tech focused discovery site where people can post their new product discoveries. Everyday there’s a new list of products to checkout. Anything from Task Management Apps to the smart garden we posted last Sunday. It’s built by early adopters for early adopters. It works because the community gets so much value out of it that they take care in participating, by posting things they discover which they love or by upvoting things they’ve tried and liked.


Laura – I recently, finally, did a closet clean out (inspired by Julia’s recent closet clean out which you can shop in a couple of weeks if you subscribe to the newsletters!) and it felt SO good! It will feel even better once I actually take the bags of clothes out of my closet to donate, sell, and consign. When I moved to Charleston I did get rid of a lot of items, but even now during my recent clean out I noticed pieces I brought down south with me that I just don’t feel excited about wearing again. Sometimes I forget to listen to my initial gut reaction to an item. If I don’t love a piece first glance, then there is no need to continue mulling it over, even if it is on sale! My mom always advised me to never fall for the sale, there will always be sales. I didn’t start listening to that statement until a few years ago though, and now as I get rid of uninspiring clothes, I completely understand what she means.


If you’re looking to clean out your closet too, here’s a mental checklist of questions I asked myself to help me decide what stays or goes:

– Is there anything special about this?

– Is it flattering on me?

– Do I feel inspired to style it again?

– Is it still in good shape?

If you answer “No” to at least 3 of those questions, add it to the donate/sell/consignment pile. The second question is most important for me because if it’s not flattering on, then I won’t feel inspired to style it again or feel confident while wearing it.


So now the question is, where to donate and sell all the items? I chose to order a couple of clean out bags from thredUp. You can choose to have them donate your clothing to the charities they support, or you can have them price out your items to sell on their website at secondhand prices. For any nicer items that I have kept in great condition I will bring them to a consignment shop in Charleston called Ensemble – my favorite one back home in Boston is Covet. Lastly, for my nicer handbags, I will try selling on ebay! I would love to know if you have any recommendations for a favorite place to donate or sell your secondhand pieces!


MargaretCoffee table books are essentially grown-up picture books — what’s not to love!? These colorful keepsakes provide endless styling options: Stack a few books beneath a bedside lamp, substitute as bookends on a mantel, or feature a piece on a stand in a favorite living space. A few timeless fashion and lifestyle books I’m drawn to are Places to Go, People to See, Vogue Living, and Inside Haute Couture. For captivating photography, I turn to Annie Leibovitz portraits, Paris in Bloom, and Beaches by Gray Malin. As for interior design inspiration, Olivia Brock, Julia & Thomas’ interior designer, shared 13 coffee table books to adorn a home.

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