The Sunday Series

October 29

The Sunday Series Vol. 1

Today we’re introducing a new series to GMG, The Sunday Series, which you can now expect every Sunday morning! What’s it all about? Each of us over here at Gal Meets Glam like to enjoy our Sundays, which usually involve trying out a fresh recipe, catching up on new shows, reading a good book or trying a fun activity. We’re always looking to find ways to make the most of the end of the week, and kick off the start of a new one. Each week, the four of us will be posting one thing that caught our attention that we think you’d like to know about. Basically, it’s a compilation of things that we really love/are excited about! And feel free to share something that caught your eye this past week- we’d love to know and I’m sure other readers would, too!


Julia-  I’m a huge fan of Masterpiece Classics on PBS, with Downton Abbey being one of my favorite shows of all time. So when I saw they were coming out with a new show, and one centered around fashion, I knew it would be right up my alley. The Collection takes place in Paris, post WWII, and is about a designer trying to bring back couture after the war. Of course, true to any tv drama, there’s a shady past and some unsuspecting characters to keep you going from episode to episode. But what really draws me in? The clothes and wardrobe of the characters! The late 40s has always been my favorite time period for clothing, so I love seeing the elegant designs that the women are always wearing (and so dressed up!). Plus, I’m obsessed with Mamie Gummer, who also happens to be Meryl Streep’s daughter!


Thomas- This week Sony announced the Sony a7r III camera and it has some extremely impressive features. It was only 2 years ago, when Sony released the a7r II. The a7r II was really the first mirrorless camera (good article on mirrorless vs. DSLR) that could compete on some levels and surpass on other levels with top of the line DSLRs and Medium Format cameras from Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad and other top manufacturers. I’ve used the a7r II extensively and we are renting the a9 right now. This camera is basically a hybrid between the two of them, high performing sensor with super fast focus speed and tracking, so needless to say I’m excited to eventually test one in the wild. My anticipation is that this camera will be hands down better than the competing professional cameras as far as overall performance. I’ll report back when I do test it out. Also this week, Apple’s iPhone X became available for preorder with some impressive improvements in imaging, especially with the software involved. Samsung and Google stole some of the thunder of the announcement of the iPhone X with big announcements of their own with the Galaxy Note8 and the Pixel 2 XL. The quality of images from phones now surpasses most entry level and mid range mirrorless and dslr cameras. The way I see it, there are now two ends of the camera market, professional cameras and smartphones. The number one question I get from readers is what camera they should get, my answer more and more is “the newest iPhone” only recommending higher end cameras for professionals and people with enough budget. That’s because the combo of quality and portability (you always have your phone on you) cannot be beat.


Laura- I love treating Sundays as the one day of the week that is just for me. I don’t think I’m alone when I say that I’m most relaxed and happy when I’m cooking. It’s not a task I stress about and to keep it that way, I always look for new recipes to meal prep that will get me excited for the start of a new week. Now that it’s Fall, making a big batch of soup is the easiest meal to last me from Monday-Friday. Let’s face it, I’m way too tired after work to have to whip up something new any other weeknight. It’s easier for me to cook up potatoes or oven roast fish to complement the soup of the week rather than starting an entire meal from scratch. This week I discovered this Lentils & Greens Soup and I’m super excited to cook it up tonight! I’m not heavily into spicy foods so I may ditch the chili flakes, but other than that this sounds like the best dish to make sure I’m getting a fair dose of protein, carbs, and vegetables, especially kale. The greener, the better. Check back here on ‘The Sunday Series’ next week and I’ll make sure to give a follow-up review of the outcome!


Margaret- There’s nothing like a word from Reese Witherspoon to motivate everyone to make the most of the week ahead. Witherspoon’s closing question in her speech at Glamour’s 2015 Women of the Year Awards resonates with me now, as it did in 2015 with the entire audience: “What would happen if we were all brave enough to believe in our own ability?” Let’s start today. It takes one. It only takes one woman to believe in her ambitions to make waves in her sphere of influence, or industry, and inspire others to do the same. Last week, I attended the Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs Summit. Four incredible women who are Charleston-based entrepreneurs spoke about leading their own companies. I loved being in that room, a room that was filled with passion and an eagerness to learn and share. Reese’s words and last week’s summit could not have come together at a better time. Locally and internationally, we are joining together to support and lift one another up. Fueled with ambition and inspired by the women I’m surrounded by who have paved the way, I’m already excited for Monday.


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