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June 13

Mount Juliet

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Sézane Shirt, Brooks Brothers Skirt (on sale), Ralph Lauren Belt, Frye Oxfords, Chloe Bag, Ray Ban Sunglasses


We got home from Ireland on Saturday and have been trying to catch up on sleep after our non-stop road trip adventure around the island. We seriously had the best time with Carly & Garrett and never really got on a great sleep schedule (up talking until 2am and early morning wake up calls to hit the road), so we definitely felt a little wiped-out when we got home. Nothing a good night’s sleep couldn’t fix! I’m excited to start sharing posts from our trip, starting with our first day in Kilkenny at Mount Juliet.





Thomas and I flew into Dublin a day earlier than Carly & Garrett and had about half a day to check out the city. We stayed in a great spot, The Westbury, and spent our time stopping into shops and strolling through St Stephens Park since it was such a beautiful day. The following morning, we headed to the airport to pick up C & G and officially start our trip! We drove to Mount Juliet, our first stop on our road trip. We were all a little drowsy from traveling, so we had a low key afternoon enjoying lunch outside on the restaurant’s terrace in the sunshine. Ireland seriously couldn’t have welcomed us with more beautiful weather.






Carly and I both ended up wearing a majority of the warmer weather pieces we packed. We definitely weren’t expecting so much sunshine, but we were not mad about it in the least bit! I pulled out this Brooks Brother’s red skirt (now on sale) because it’s comfy and chic, easy for traveling, and paired it with a classic white oxford shirt and Frye oxfords. We were pretty excited to check out the property of Mount Juliet, it looked exquisite online and was just as gorgeous in person. We walked around through the tall grass and ivy covered trees, over to the peaceful running river to the horses and foals that were just as friendly as they look.






After checking into our rooms and freshening up, we drove over to the medieval town of Kilkenny. Since it was later in the afternoon (after 6pm), most of the shops and stores were closed, but the town was still bustling with people. We made our way over to Kilkenny Castle (which luckily stays open later in June) and got our first taste of Irish Castles. This was only just the beginning and we were so excited to see more!



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