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March 12

Styling A Bookshelf

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Color coordinating books makes it visually more appealing.

I love fresh flowers and framed cards as cute accents.

We used the last row to store our stemware since our kitchen is small and tight on storage.

Fill pretty glass jars with colorful candy.

It’s still a work in progress, but our bookshelves are finally coming together. Caitlin helped us find these bookshelves, which we loved because of the geometric shelving and white high gloss lacquer that went well with our other furniture. I used objects, vases and books we already had to fill it up, so it required a little creativity and grabbing random things around the house to see if they fit. I have to confess that I rearranged everything a million times before I got this end result and I’m sure there will be more rearranging to come!

I started out by separating the books by color- which is far more appealing to the eye. Thomas has a ton of books on beer and business (his two favorite things) so I ┬áhad plenty to play around with. I then messed around with stacking the books and lining them up, mixing them between shelves. The last thing I did was fill in all of the empty spots with vases and accessories- I framed some of my favorite cards, filled empty jars with candy and added fresh flowers. We had leftover space on the bottom shelves, which we then used as storage for our stemware. Our apartment is pretty small and limited on space, so we were really happy that we found a spot for them. We’re still working on printing out a few engagement and wedding photos to decorate the top of the bookshelves.

Euro Style Lighting Bookshelves

Other accessories: Glass jars/ Clock/ Matchbooks/ Kate Spade NY dishes

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